nasal problem (running/sports etc)

i will try and keep this brief and blunt
i run most days mostly eve after work 3,or 5 or more miles dep , then do the army fitness program ( circuits ) , i play football and do a bit of coaching ,i work outside in a physical job in all weathers and am a young( cough cough ) 42,
so here is the prob !
recently (3 months at least ) my left nasal has started to block up soon as i start anything like the above mentioned
and as you can imagine it makes breathing a bit hard as in getting air in to lungs esp the running side thus making the task harder a cpl of times esp in football i have had to take realy heavy breaths early on but physicaly feel ok to carry on if any one could shed a bit of light on this esp if had similiar then that would be great i will seek med advice but if you guys got any ideas cheers in advance
ps am attempting to get in to the t.a. soon so dont want this to be my failure, again cheers
go see your GP, could be as simple as a polyp but as we can't see up your snout, who knows!!
Did you used to catch cricket balls with your nose, hence your username?

Sorry, cant be more helpul, do you mean the nostril becomes restricted during exercise, then isnt when you come to rest again??

Sorry, still dont know.
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