Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Trip_Wire, Feb 27, 2007.

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  2. Beset with problems, hugely expensive and redundant in the role it was considered for.

    Still, it proved a useful test-bed for future technologies.

    Still, if there was ever an example of how not to run projects, the entire of the defence industry would be it.
  3. Knew about it (never seen the remaining prototype).

    Awesome aeroplane - scared the shit out of the Soviets; so much so that they built the MiG-25 to intercept it.

    I believe there was a very nasty accident with an F-104 chase plane got caught in a wingtip vortex and collided with it.

    Used Boron Hydride mixed with AvTur as a fuel IIRC
  4. Details of the mid-air loss can be found here.

  5. Yes, knew of it. Don't know much about it except that it was indecently quick. Stunning looking bit of kit.
  6. Jesus, who designed it? Gerry Anderson?
  7. No, you're thinking of this: