NASA to buy 4 spacecraft in Russia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 13, 2005.

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    Btw, USA, Russia, France, China have space programmes. These countries launch satelites, but 5th member of UNSC hasn't own space programme. So, taking into accont that our American friends are ready to buy Russian space equipment, is it a right time for the UK to make similar step and on this base develop own space projects?
  2. UK Space Project? For what?

    Its not really a UNSC pre requisite now is it? Plus we are talking silly money which could be far better spent on education or policing etc.

    Let some other bugger pay for advances in Space tecnologies then buy a cheap off the shelf version and cash in!!

    Space advancement while being very appealing is one huge money pit.
  3. still useful for launching our own satellite if needed say if we have a dispute with ESA , plus Russia can make cash from this by selling the technology and spaceships "off the shelf" to other countries creating a big space travelling community, i would challenge anybody not to look at the Earth from space and realise how vulnerable it is in the middle of all the blacknaess and not be moved.
    the Russian could even create a production line churning out ship so many a week , bringing the unit costs down and cheaper flights

    it could bethe catalyst for greater world co-operation leading to more peaceful settlements round the world ( the will still be theodd nutters staring wars tho)
  4. Or allow nutjobs to rain down fire upon us mere mortals.

    Bearing in mind osama is quite rich, suicide space craft?
  5. not feasable, one spacegraft wont do teh damage enough and a launch will be Noticed, also is there any Taliabans literate enough to learn how to fly a spacecraft ?
  6. nothing new actually
    for example
    in the past the russain has sold about 100 rocket engines to NASSA in the past because they have been able to biiuld some very powerful effiecent an reiable engines
  7. This sale relates directly to the problem the US is having with it’s space shuttle. The shuttles are old and NASA has agreements to supply the International Space Station

  8. Two issues,

    One. Biggest threat to Britain's Satellites is America

    such as Inmarsat (communists and journalists) :wink: and galileo (being built at the moment)

    Two. Nasa been operating a barter system for getting kit into space (in the past Nasa been prevented from giving Russians cash). Clearly Russians fed up and want hard cash.
  9. Doesn''t our space program consist of crashing landers into planets and playing dodgy Blur singles? I hear our latest attempt involves McCartney! It's good to be a real power on the world stage.

    KGB_Rezident - were you proposing something more dramatic, only I have some felt & sticky back plastic here somewhere...

  10. Semper,

    I would wager that it is easier to fly a 'spacecraft' than a 757. After all, if dogs and monkeys can 'fly' spacecraft..........
    Kamikaze astro/cosmo/talia nouts, why? When all you want to do is deliver a warhead!

    It would seem that YOU aren't even literate enough to put together a decent or even reasoned post!

  11. Isn't the cost of a Megadeath about $1,000,000 US with biological agents? it strikes me that Osama may have different priorities, contrary to what Saddam achieved I have a nasty suspicion it's not that hard to do. anyone fancy spending the space money on some really powerful antibiotics?