NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Screw_The_Nut, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Looks delicious.
  2. Didn't notice how far away it is? I'm assuming it's impossible to get to with current technology.
  3. ^ Oh is that all? No worries then.
  4. I thought they had already spotted this thing a couple of years ago.
  5. Yes but it was 2 light years ago.
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  6. Oh yippee they've found a planet we could live on! Except that the gravity is three times our own and walking on the surface would be like wearing a Honda Goldwing for a hat here. Plus the star is a cool red dwarf i.e. this planet is very close to a very old small compact dying star. The gravity well being particularly steep close to an object of that nature you can expect the planets rotation to now have one side permanently facing the star, like our moon has! One **** off hot side and one ******* brassick side, how's that porridge now goldilocks?

    If the planet still has relative rotation with regard to the star then there will be extreme tidal forces at play, i.e. seismic rollercoaster rides on the surface.

    Me, I'd rather go to Pontins, eat pies and shag slum dwelling crack whore single mums, than book a flight to the planet of the three bears.
  7. goatrutar I believe this one is a mere 600 light years away, that's almost right next door in interstellar terms. However as Cernunnos says not necessarily the ideal place for the next spot of leave.
  8. Just so I get this clear in my head, it's the distance that light takes to travel in 600 years? And all we have is big firey rockets? That'll work well. We might have the technology in another 100 years or so then.
  9. Where's your sense of adventure man, telling that Columbus fella or whoever it was the world was flat didn't stop him sailing off into the blue yonder. Branson will be selling holiday flights there within the year.
  10. It is over twice as large as the Earth. Get there and you'd feel like you'd just spent 20 years as a TA RLC enabler ...
  11. So I'd be 36 stone as well? ******* count me out then.
  12. Does it have a pub?
  13. Is it true, that Bravo_Bravo, is having an interview as the first British Astronaut?
    He is considered to be fully qualified, as he can be trained and he will not feel too bad when he is not able to deploy for the mission.