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NASA SLS - Space Launch System


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Does anyone else think SLS looks like the bastard offspring of a Space Shuttle got up the duff by a Saturn V?

Wonder how it's costs will compare to Musk's Big F**c*n Rocket, or whatever it's called now?
Something like a $1 billion per SLS launch projected.

$60-100 million per BFR launch.
NASA missed the launch window with this one.

They haven't built a decent rocket since the Germans stopped designing them for them.

Should have stuck with Clusters Last Stand

Deleted 158059

It seems in doubt whether the SLS will ever come to fruition...

NASA's Supersize Space Launch System Might Be Doomed

On Wednesday morning, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine appeared before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation to discuss America’s leadership in space. During his testimony, he revealed an unexpected twist. For the first time, Bridenstine said that the agency would consider commercial rockets to get its crew capsule off the ground. For NASA, travel to deep space would no longer be SLS or bust.

"We are now understanding better how difficult this project is,” he explained. Before the retirement of NASA’s storied space shuttle program, the agency began laying out its vision for its next-generation rocket. In 2011, development began on SLS, which it hoped would become the biggest rocket in the world. But year after year, as it missed its targets and blew through its budgets, the agency faced criticism for the project’s shortcomings. Dubbed the rocket to nowhere by its critics, SLS was at times derided as more of an agencywide jobs program than a real ride to space. That is until 2017, when the rocket received a new goal: ferry astronauts to the moon.

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