Nasa set for unique shuttle fix

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DozyBint, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Given that to be up there in the first place, the guy has to have an IQ of over 3, my question is: “Who is bullshitting whom?”

    Full story here.
    (C) BBC
  2. Duct tape and then smack it :( .Wonder how many pair of clean pants they took with them ? hope they come back safe.
  3. face it the space shuttle is getting old and need replacing soon, all we are now doing is life extending the fleet by patch repairs here and there, 2 ships have been lost already so that should tell the Govt to start planning AND producing a new fleet of shuttles.

    i do hope they will come back safe.
  4. I could lend them a hammer, always works for me, oh and my bodge tape is around here...but i'd want it back afterwards
  5. Yep my first thought too. Bodge tape it and hit it with a hammer. They carry 7 inch adjustable as well I'd imagine so whats the panic ??
  6. See what happens when you go into space without some harry black nasty......................
  7. I didn't realise that NASA was a part of HM Forces, but the evidence is incontrovertible...

    An old, out of date piece of kit serving well past its planned life.

    The Modification instruction is 12 pages long, but the mod is basically "pack out the cracks, and then cut off the excess packing"

    The thing will only work after the application of large amounts of harry black.

    The astronauts have all got brass balls(including the fraus), and are getting on with the job in hand.

    I rest my case! Does this explain why they're cutting back infantry, to pay for space marines?
  8. Mrs Skjold has just said" If they can finish the tileing up there, why cant you finish it in the kitchen"
    I fecking hate NASA. :evil: :wink:

    Good luck to them all, modern day pioneers.

  9. When an 8" adjussy is too heavy for space i take it?
    Top up cab on!
    They will all be back for tea and medals.
    (Fingers crossed)
  10. Now that's impressive:

    Latest Update

    Positive thoughts for the 8th!
  11. I wish them a safe return, but I am wondering about the stuff he pulled out. It was there as a gap filler. He just pulled it out, therefore it isnt filling a gap with a heat resistant what is doing the job now?
  12. I'm sure the last thing you need in that situation is to have to get on the RT to entertain that fcukin' chimp in the White House who cut their funding so the US can go back to the moon and fight The War Against "Terrrrrr" ( T W A T).

    Apart from the man being a moron, there is a slightly morbid "Kate Adie-esque" undertone to the call isn't there?
  13. Need

    Hopefully not :oops:
  14. I am still not sure what they are doing up there. Was it to take new "bits" to the space station? All they seem to have done so far is to get the thing up there and then spend all their time mending it so that they can return safely. Does anyone else her think that the whole thing - space station et al - is a complete waste of time, potentially lives and money?
  15. What we need to do is black nasty a big rocket to the bottom of a CRARRV and send it up to tow the shuttle back down.

    But seriously, I hope they come down safely.

    And the yanks moth ball the shuttles.

    They are too old, and from what I've heard, they were only chosen because they would employ more people to build than another superior design.