NASA plans Armageddon nuke spacecraft to blast asteroid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Just read this in Flight International. Now im no expert but is this even remotely feasible?

    I was quite convinced by Jason Isaac's firecracker-singeing-the-palm-of-your-hand-analogy in Armageddon!
  2. I'm no expert but we certainly could hit an asteroid... would be child's play compared to tagging that comet a year or so ago. My best swag (sophisticated wild arsed guess) is that we need not actually destroy said threat object, only deflect it and a nuke popping certainly would influence it's tragectory.
  3. deflect it?

    Millions of tons of rock, hurtling at 1000s of miles per hour.

    should be doddle :p
  4. Can room still be made on board for Bruce Willis (and his fcuking white vests) and Ben Afflek?
  5. And a load of chavs that we don't need down here?
  6. We've already landed a spacecraft on an asteroid/comet

    A better proposal is to land a series of craft onto the surface, then orientate ion propulsion engines carried by the craft in a specific direction. This in time would change the orientation of the body. As long as we spot the danger early enough to get craft to it!
  7. or it might break into hundreds of pieces and decimate the they really know what they are doing?
  8. Yes. trying to drum up funding for this:

    There remains a very low (but non-zero) probability of impact in 2036. Last time I read anything about this the asteroid would have to pass through an area of space about 1km across in 2029 to do that
  9. Don't worry, its not rocket science. Oh hang on...
  10. That would have to be done at enormous distances as the Delta V imparted by ion engines is miniscule although continuous. We would simply not detect it far out enough to make any real difference given that they would come from just past Mars orbit.

    Nuke the feckers!
  11. Surely that is the one thing that you do have a supply of in space?

    The B612 Foundation have an issue with the Boom Boom solution and they have been giving it some serious thought (not related to the question "How do we keep all these Nuclear guys employed?"). I reckon this is a classic Military/Industrial complex boondoogle.

    That said I could see this as the tool of last resort for a new object from the Oort cloud.

    More Info Here.
  12. True, but it is a relative term.

    We won’t detect it at anywhere near sufficient distance to design, plan and mount a mission using ion drives, allowing the time to produce enough course correction; the specific impulse of ion engines is minimal anyway.

    Any physicists/ rocket scientists etc here feel free to contradict me.

    I'll get my anorak.... :oops:
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