NASA and Von Braun the butcher of Dora

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. If Von braun was put on trial for crimes against humanity when Dora was liberated and what was discovered by the Soldiers ... instead of being giving sanctuary due to the fact he and others were creating Rocket / missile technology that was more appealing to the US Admin

    How far of a step back would that have been for the US and they're adventure into Space ??
  2. If Wan Hu had gotten off the ground, would we be having takeaway delivered from the moon?
  3. I thought this was Current Affairs not post war history!
  4. Sounds like you've been reading Dark Mission and took it too seriously - I must admit though, it was a damned good read - The Apollo mission tied in with Nazis, Masons, President Kennedy's assassination, ancient Egyptian mythology and lots of alien stuffi lying around the solar system Cracking stuff! I was a bit disappointed that there no mention of Elvis or David Icke.
  5. Apparently, he did. Just in a large number of pieces.
  6. 69 and 135?
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  7. Flied pork and lice to go?
  8. The Yanks could never work out why the early rockets that Von Bruan they shot into space would veer of course and start heading towards London, and then the penny dropped, old habits die hard.
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  9. Hence the original NASA motto: 'Aim for the stars, land on Droitwich'.
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  10. Never mind Von Braun. What about the Nazi Time Machine?!?!? From Weekly World News web site:


    Posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
    By Sarah Haddad
    One of the world’s leading experts on Nazi Germany says Hitler mastered time itself, sending “time warriors” centuries into the future to conquer a world that is yet to be!

    Dr. Kurt Fischer told a symposium in Mysen, Norway, that evidence accumulated over the past 64 years has convinced him that the Nazis developed a crude but working time machine before the fall of Germany in 1945.

    He says parts of the machine and tattered blueprints were recovered from a bombed-out bunker in Berlin by Allied forces. And he suspects that Hitler, long obsessed with paranormal science, might have used the device to propel himself into the future and back on numerous occasions.

    “Volumes have been written about the Nazis’ heavy water experiments and Hitler’s obsession with perfecting the atom bomb,” said Dr. Fischer. “But the cutting edge of Nazi technology was concerned with nothing less than the mastery of time and space itself.

    “There is evidence to suggest that they did, in fact, open a portal. It couldn’t help them alter the course of World War II. But there is a very real possibility that it gave them a chance to win an even greater victory – the control and domination of our future.”

    Fischer provided ample documentation for his broader theories during his presentation in Norway.
    In a dramatic videotaped interview, secret Nazi physicist Erich Kreiner – now deceased – confirmed that he was one of 28 scientists who conducted the time-travel experiments.

    He refused to name his colleagues and appeared to be addled or intentionally evasive when asked to discuss specifics. But he did say the Nazi goal was to send 5,000 elite troops to Germany in the year 2145, which was then 200 years into the future.

    “There was some measure of success,” he said, adding that several technicians were sent decades into the future and returned to their own time before Germany fell to the Allies.

    “I don’t know if there is a connection. But German police reported that a man in Nazi uniform appeared at a power plant near Dresden last August and later vanished from a heavily guarded cell,” said Dr. Fischer. “Was that man a Nazi time traveler? Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure.”

    Components of the purported time machine that were recovered from the Berlin bunker have long since been lost, he added. But detailed descriptions contained in Allied inventory reports suggest that it was no bigger than a filing cabinet and was designed to generate light and ultra-high frequency sound waves.

    “It’s a chilling prospect, but the greatest threat to our future may not be an enemy that exists today,” said Dr. Fischer. “It might be the Nazis – and a world controlled by a madman.”
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  11. [​IMG]
    …but sometimes I hit London
  12. Absolutely ROFL!! Great stuff.
  13. What is YOUR take on the subject?

    Enquiring minds & all that.
  14. Post War Alternate history at that....