NASA about to launch Discovery

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lill, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. To watch in Windows media, click here.

    Edited to add: T0 is just under 6 hours away...
  2. Piers Sellers from Sussex is on this one, with Nicholas Patrick from Yorkshire due to launch on a forthcoming STS mission. God Speed all those involved.
  3. Why are they frigging around with our Landrovers?

  4. Ohh good find D_D :wink:

  5. A interview he did in 2006
  6. Can't believe they've scrubbed it - I've had NASA TV on in the background all day...reshow on Tuesday! :D
  7. They are going to try again on the 4th
    NASA works in mysterious ways
  8. Looks like they are going for it this time.
  9. Is it sad that I've been watching NASA TV for about 3.5 hrs now in the background while I worked?

    Still, fascinating though.
  10. Beats big brother and other assorted cr*p on the haunted fishtank.
  11. Yeah, but wouldn't the mission be that much more interesting with evictions?
  12. Quite liked the Dr Who version. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anne robinson though the robot seemed more human.