NAS Corpus Christi incident 14 Feb 19

NCIS ( no pun about Gibbs, DiNozzo or Abby or Ducky here ) are investigating an attempted break into one of Chief Naval air Training Command’s bases in Texas. CC is home to a couple of multi engine fixed wing training squadrons that fly legacy Beech T-44A Pegasus, and primary training in T-6 Texan II as well as Army Aviation Depot plus Coast Guard unit.

Attempted breach by SUV ended up with thei trader being shot dead by the security folks.

DOD Fire News : NAS Corpus Christi Responds to Base Intruder

Either an incredibly stupid intruder or a successful attempt at suicide by sailor.
There seems to be another version of the story, which is that the incident is a robbery/carjacking which went horribly wrong for the perpetrator. He's supposed to have run up to a woman who was putting fuel into the vehicle at a service station, barged her out of the way and made off. He then - this version says - sped onto the air station, which got the security types rather interested, and as he was attempting to get off the base, intending to continue his escape with the newly-acquired SUV, some gentlemen who DI Gene Hunt would've described as 'armed b****rds' confronted him.

His Imperial Highness the Emperor (see Arrse, passim) then appears to have whispered 'drive at them: they'll get out of your way', and matey boy in the SUV took this advice. Which is why the SUV now looks like a colander which has been subjected to a napalm strike.

If that's the case, then this could be an early contender for the 2019 Darwin Awards...
"Although the carjacker’s death has been confirmed, authorities are treating the case as an aggravated robbery."

Followed by aggravated suicide...


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Sounds like someone forgot that Grand Theft Auto is a computer game. Trying to upgrade your stolen SUV to a military aircraft... <BARP - Game Over>
Kicked off there again; fortunately little damage.

'A shooter at a naval air station in Texas has been “neutralized” and one member of the Navy’s security forces has been injured, the US Navy announced on Thursday, following a lockdown at a base in the city of Corpus Christi.

'The Naval Air Station Corpus Christi announced on Thursday morning it was "now in a lockdown status" due to an "active shooter in the vicinity of the North Gate," in a post on Facebook. “Naval Security Forces at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi responded to an active shooter at approximately 6:15 a.m. this morning,” according to the US Navy Information Office. “The shooter has been neutralized. One Security Force member is injured,” it said in a statement. The station said all gates to the base were closed and advised all on the base to follow lockdown procedures and stay indoors and away from windows.

'This is not the first time the station has been placed on lockdown. On December 11, the station went into lockdown, later announcing a suspect had been taken into custody. CNN reported at the time that someone had reported "hearing another person allegedly make statements that sounded threatening," according to a law enforcement source. The station trains naval pilots and is home to the Corpus Christi Army Depot, which is the primary aviation depot maintenance for Department of Defense rotary wing aircraft.'

News here in the US says one shooter, apparently of the Islamic persuasion has been neutralized, another shooter is apparently at large in Corpus Christi at this time (4:30PM texas time)

USNI has this:
USNI article

Local NBC News had this:
NBC news from KRIS channel 6

Audio of CCPD responding to NAS Corpus Christi

the sailor who was shot has been treated and released from the hospital.
Never mind his religion, he obviously must have mental health issues that cancel any relevance of his religious persuasion.

Either that or he is a tank


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The DOD computer system won't let me view the article, but this is what is circulating among the various services law enforcement divisions. When the sailor approached the vehicle she heard Arabic music playing loudly. The subject then raised pistol and shot her in the chest (her vest stopped the bullet) and drove through the gate. Her partner activated the barricade system and the subject crashed into it. Security teams responding then engaged and killed the shooter. If this info is different, I apologize.
A certain Welsh senior NCO would have made a short statement had he still been alive over this.

Oh dear...

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