nappy rash

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by error_unknown, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. For a sore bottom caused by sweat running down your back in HEAT:

    Sudocreme appears to relieve the problem.

    (Boots also do their own zinc & castor oil equivalent & a bit cheaper)

    'Badger' Baby Balm also worked - it contains olive oil - much better than vaseline which probably blocks skin pores :( comes in a tiny tin which you can take anywhere :D

    Tinc Benz and fuller earth ointment also suggested but where to get them :?:

    Really got in touch with my feminine side doing this guys....hmm.... :oops:

    Thanks for helpful suggestions
  2. further asking around produced two more recommended products :

    BODYGLIDE a non-oily skin lubricant for use in sports and active outdoors no not the lube type guys :D

    + you can get a titanium based nappy rash stuff at supermarkets, tesco sell it for one but by gum its oily 8O

    OK that's enough research about the subject of sore bottoms, i'm gonna stop now while i still can.
  3. NAVYMAN you are a walting batty merchant

  4. no i aint :x :x
    just trying to be helpful to my fellow man :!:
  5. Now, the DADDY of all treatments for this is known to all cyclists

    forget Seudocreme, which is darned good admittedly, the stuff you need is Assos chamois cream, AKA "Minty arrse lard"

    outstanding stuff!

  6. OK well where can you get it ?
  7. Jesus we really do need to get lives you know, it's Saturday and we've talking anppy rash on the ARRSE's of grown men FFS!

    Mycil powder and cream are good. They treat the infection that WILL soon appear. :oops:

    Beebs x