Napoleons Egypt campaign

Just on page 200 of Jeff McLynne's biography on Napoleon and its getting to the point where boney is taking his men through the desert and I was really amazed that the men didnt mutiny...

People were so thirsty, marching in 56C heat, that many just shot themselves rather than carry on.

It certainly didnt help that Arab (Bedouins?) were fouling the wells.

It seems the campaign was cursed, the RN captured a vast number of the French guns, intercepted supply ships etc.

Though the chapter does go on to say how the Mamelukes were completely massacred, 25,000 mameluke cavalry charging 2000 french Infantry (they formed square obviously). The French lost 2 men! I cant find the figure of mameluke losses.

However, the French were losing huge numbers to the bubonic plague.

Surely in this day and age it would be impossible to even imagine what the men and their dependants went through during this campaign.
I think that this was a telling campaign for Napoleon, I think it was Acre when he assaulted the Fort there and got thrown back with huge losses. On the retreat he ordered that all the wounded men should be poisoned to stop them falling into enemy hands. After this he left Egypt and when he got back to Paris he awarded him self special honours for the success of his campaign in Egypt.
Apparently the french nation has still not recovered from Napoleon's culls. The national, average, height and weight of frenchmen is noticeably less than their neighbours. WWI's cull resulted in the surrender monkey we see today.
I cannot see why the frogs still hero worship the murderous Italian.

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