Napoleon: Total War

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Dashing_Chap, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Yeah, they can go f@ck themselves after screwing Empire Total War up, and not fixing a broken game.
  2. Seconded i think i'll wait for an expansion pack with the inevitable fixes. But i want it soooooo much being a fan from day 1 with shogun
  3. wont be buying it, empire AI was screwed up and made game unplayable, add to that taking away mod tools and making pc gamers PAY for downloadable content, seems like most pc games are adapting a consol gamer viewpoint of pay for everything and move to a new game a month or 2 later
  4. Ding-Ding!

    All aboard the Napoleon: Total War Outrage Bus!
  5. wow, i must have missed the bit that made it unplayable, having played it all the way through as both england and spain, and halfway through a third campaign... :)

    even flawed, the total war games are better than most other offerings.

    personally, i'm looking forward to mass effect 2. bit of a latecomer to "mass effect" having bought it cheap on steam in december. glad i did, one of the best games i've ever played - and the sequel is due out at the end of the month :D
  6. Indeed. And I think more than a few people look at previous TW games with a significant rose-tint to their specs. M2 was (comparatively) awful, even the ever praised Rome was seriously flawed (anyone for a siege tower bug? And who played Alexander more than once?). It was the mods that made them, vanilla just provided the foundations.

    Despite being incredibly ambitious, Empire is by far the most accomplished and playable vanilla TW yet. I still enjoy it and CA have fixed most of the issues they could reasonably fix.
    Will people still be playing CoD:MW2 in five years?
  7. i doubt it, but i'm still playing Rome (triumvarate mod) after all these years. only game with comparable longevity, for me, has been close combat 3 or 5.
  8. I'm still playing Rome & Medieval 2 along with Empire! I'll definitely get this. What will they call it when they get up to the 20th century in the series? Total War:Total War?
  9. hopefully they will go back and re-engineer the shogun and rome games instead of continuing to the modern day - don't think the model will last beyond 18/19th century warfare.
  10. Play Civ4 - Rise of Mankind mod myself. How does TW compare with that???
  11. I think a WWI game would work quite well. Trench warfare is still in the same formation vs formation vein as TW titles and fighting vehicles are slow enough to fit in (also allows a toe to be dipped into the air war). After that it would get difficult as the decisive element moves from the frontline to the factories.
    As you say, though, updates of Shogun and Rome would be excellent, but also an expansion of Empire to cover the globe, perhaps with much of it unmapped until you explore it.
    There are still a number of other times and peoples they could use: Egypt, South America, China, Persia... Ultimately they could even go for a pan-era title - but that is probably a little too ambitious just yet.
  12. For the people who have mentioned a WW total war. I suggest they try Theater of War II, that gives a pretty good WW2 strategy experience from the RTS side at least. Now if only it could be combined with Hearts of Iron 3 :)
  13. Keen to know if anyone has bought, loaded and played NTW yet - it was UK released yesterday. Having finally upgraded my computer to play Empire TW (patch 1.5) tolerably well, I'm eager to get it.

    I'm particularly interested if anyone has downloaded through Steam or loaded from CD using Steam. How long does the process take and are there there lots of bugs, as with Empire? Last year, despite buying Empire as a CD, it took eons to download on Steam and even then it loaded badly. That said, once I'd got the game working I found Steam to be quite good - it downloads patches automatically and it verified (and mended) the previous problems with the game.
  14. steam download obviously depends on your connection speed. i'm in brunei and have acurrent download speed of around 30kb/s for Napoleon. bearing in mind the download is 20GB or so... it's gonna take me days rather than hours!!