Had a couple of afternoons there last year, so fancied a bit longer to explore the city and the far side of the bay towards the Campi Fleagri.

Lots of horror stories on Tripadvisor about the area around the train station, but after a lot of searching found a B&B on the edge of the Centro Storico, just near Via Toledo and Spaccanapoli that sounded good.

Couldn't have picked better, very central for transport links to the whole area, and lots of the best sites, plus lots of excellent small friendly restaurants, only had one poor meal all week.

It's the best city we've visited, brash, vibrant and never felt in the least bit threatened, lovely vibe to the place.

Some highlights were....


Stunning place, with some of the best statues I've ever seen.

santa maria delle anime naples - Google Search

Very strange church, absolutely beautiful, but in the crypt was a negative copy of the church above, dank, dark, decorated with dead flowers, and alcoves filled with skulls and bones, even soil- filled graves representing Purgatory.

Adopting a Skull in Naples | Always Twirling

The Museo Archeolgico, containing one of the finest collections of roman statues in the world, plus almost all the treasures found in Pompeii and Herculaneum

You can get ferries out to the islands of Prochida and Ischia, absolutely beautiful.

The transport system is improving, and you can buy an Artecard for E16 for 3 days which gives free access to 3 sites and unlimited use of the transport system for 3 days too.

One of our best holidays yet.

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