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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LouiseRW, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for squadies who have been stationend in Dortmund in the early 90's. I used to go out with a mate from 16. Rgt. and as soon as I'm still best friend with him today and we've had a very good time with his mates, I'm trying to get in touch with the lads from then.

    Is anybody out there :D
  2. Hi there Louise,
    Yes i was stationed in Dortmund with 16 Regt RA, from 1992 to 1995, when we arms plotted back to London. Who do you know from back then?..Also what Batterys? ie...30Bty, 32Bty, 14Bty, HQ Bty..At that time i was in 14 Battery for my sins, :wink: married at the time and i lived at Unna Massen, to the East of Dortmund.
  3. Hi devil :)

    I know 32 Bty - people I know or remember are Dean S., Kas, Walshy (?), Richy....We used to go out to Orpheums, Sound Garden etc. Are you still living in Germany?
  4. Hi,
    No i'm afraid im not in Germany, left with the Regiment in 95, am living in London at the moment. But will be moving to Lincolnshire Spring of next year.
    I knew a few of the guys from 32 Bty, see if you remember these..
    Neil "Scouse" Parker, a very good friend, now works as a wine merchant in Greenwich London. Mark "Stidge" Harman, i use to go to the Soundgarden all the time quality music, i mainly went downstairs for the Metal / rock music....
  5. Hi,

    no I'm afraid - I don't know any of them you listed. Probably because I've never been downstairs in the Soundgarden :)

    I'd love to have some photos of the time....