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Naomi Campbell wins privacy case against the Mirror

This just in:


Naomi Campbell has won her privacy case against the Daily Mirror.

Piers Moron is quoted as saying: 'This is a very good day for lying drug-abusing prima donnas'. And a bad day for lying, dodgy share-dealing tabloid editors, presumably.

The Mirror is now facing costs of around £1m. Good.
STAB_in_the_dark said:
I wonder if HM Forces could file a similar law suit against the Mirror....
Just wishful thinking!
Don't know, could ARRSE do it? - cash to go to a (Iraqi?) kids charity when we won
Excellent I say! About time the tabloids (especially red-tops) got a slap down. Not that I particularily like the spoilt biatch but well done Naomi! :lol:
Lord Hoffmann said:............
"The picture carried the message, more strongly than anything in the text alone, that the Mirror's story was true."

hmmmm i wouldnt say that was the general rule!

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