Naomi Campbell O2 Thief!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    She's at it again! Released on bail after attacking a policeman who was trying to remove her from a BA flight after one of her bags was lost in Terminal 5.
    No doubt she'll flutter her eyelids at the judge & get off again!
    It's about time she was bought to heel,so what'dy reckon,send her to the sandpit to 'entertain the troops' or is that too cruel?

    O2 thief

  2. I just cannot get too outraged about this one. From what it says she was properly ticketed and checked in and had checked her bags. Then, because BA or BAA has lost her bag, they decided they had to remove her from the plane. In other words BA was going to keep her from taking the flight she had paid for because BA had lost her bag through no fault of Naomi. Maybe Naomi was pished off but think I and many other people would be pished off in the same circumstances.

    Latest news report has said that BA has collected 28,000 lost bags in the past 10 days and is shipping them all to Italy so they can be properly sorted out and sent back eventually to their owners.

    The best solution to this problem would be to use controlled demolition techniques to eliminate Terminal 5 entirely and then turn BA over to RyanAir as at least no one expects decent treatment from RyanAir.

    An alternative would be to bring in one BA and one BAA official into terminal 5 each day and to publicly flog said officials and to continue the process until BAA learns to run airports. It should however be done humanely. No more than 40 lashes and no metal in the lash tips.

    Edited to add: Actually, the most amazing thing in the story is that BA actually realized they had lost her bag.
  3. Did they do a cavity search to ensure she's not carrying hard drugs again? P*ssing off airport security usually results in the rubber glove being donned.
  4. Something doesnt add up. Why would BA remove a (First class presumably) passenger from a flight because it had lost one of her bags. They lose hundreds of peoples bags!
    I would suggest it is more likely she was told one of her bags was missing and kicked off big time, making it necessary to remove her from the flight for the safty of the other passengers.

    The woman is an oxygen thief. Her looks are her only talent. I have nothing against her making money off her looks - good luck to her - but she needs to realise she is not important in any real sense of the word and a little humility wouldnt hurt her image.
  5. All of that and I'd like to volunteer to punish her. :hungry:
  6. Dog face Close up she is one arrogant lump of shiezer. once got paid to look after said bitch. and I mean bitch
  7. OK is from the mail but...

    But don't worry as she has "anger management issues "

    That I believe is a medical term produced in her defence by a highly paid, sorry qualified psychologist from her defence team last time around. It means that basically she is so rich she can do what the fuck she likes and get away with it.
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I am this outraged:

  9. It wasn't that her bag was lost it was that she had taken too much hand luggage on board because she did not want her baggage to be lost. The crew were trying to remove when she kicked off.

    You can take the girl out of Streatham but...
  10. Rich Bitch or Not,
    Woman or not,

    if somebody spat in my face under the circumstances I'd have jabbed them very hard in the throat!

    Disgusting little Vomit!
  11. Naomi's biggest mistake was to fly BA (Bad Attitude, as I call them) in the first place. If I had her money, I would fly any carrier but BA.
  12. Rich Bitch or Not,
    Woman or not,

    if somebody spat in my face under the circumstances I'd have jabbed them very hard in the throat!

    Disgusting little Vomit!
  13. Please remember, she is from Streatham
  14. Oi, I'm from Streatham and well behaved and mannered, so don't tar us all with the same brush.
  15. I thought it was pronounced St. Reatham :wink:

    And can I just add that this phrase has now been added to my vocabulary