Naomi Campbell does it again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. when is this hot tempered spoilt little slut is going to spend some time in Prison ? 10 months would do it , give her a dose of reality check, she has done this before and has got away with it, spare the rod spoil the child, a few month with fellow prisoner who don't care who she is will teach her a thing or two.

    Please M'Lud sent her down.
  2. Query: slut? Apparently self centred, prone to violence and with bugger all impulse or self control certainly, but where are you getting the rest from?
  3. So she was discovered in london at the age of 15.
    Where had she been hiding for the previous 14 years ?
    Would she be willing to go back there for a small donation? Or a snifter of some white stuff?
  4. "The model, from Streatham in south London, shot to fame after being discovered in London at the age of 15."

    Says it all - I travel through Streatham on my way home daily and its full of self centred, all for me, arrogant, bad mannered 15 yo bitches who are full of their own importance just like her.

    In fact just about everywhere else is too...................
  5. Yeah - but despite all that, if awarded Community Service she could come and clean my bedroom any day or time. So, she throws things. Better her than some Shankill 20 stoner with Union Jack knickers.
  6. Good Lord Man - do you have no taste?

    At least the Shankhill 20 stoner could give your dustbin lid a good banging out on the pavement!
  7. Well out of 10 I would give her one!
    A bloody great SLAP the dozy bint! Oh and that Moss doris too!

    Spleen vented now!

    Cheers :)
  8. It depends how you define "slut". If you mean a woman who has slept with over 40 people, accepted a 50metre ocean going cruise ship (worth about 12million quid) and then dumping the man shortly afterwards (it was Flavio Briatore of F1 fame, and she only kept the relationship going in order to get the boat (according to some correspondents)), partook of lesbian sex with Madonna and group sex with others, then yes, she is a slut. She also shagged Mike Tyson, Usher, Sly Stallone, Robert de Niro, etc.

    She is also a confirmed druggie and a fcuking ugly one to boot. Anyone remember when she fell over on the catwalk because she couldn't cope with her high heels? Minge like a sucking chest wound. She is also a liar: she claimed to have written the novel "Swan". Later she was forced to acknowledge that she was a liar as she was quoted saying "I just did not have time to sit down and write a book". Neither the time or intellect apparently. She has also lied in court on several occasions.

    Would I "give her one"? Yup. One 9mm in the back of her vacuous head.
  9. Lesbian sex with Madonna & group sex with others? Hardly a slut - more the perfect dinner party guest.

    I'd just lay out the plastic plates to avoid injury.
  10. Even if she bit your head off afterwards like a spider, you would...
  11. Hasn't she been shooting ever since or am I thinking of Kate Moss?