Naomi Campbell, BA and THAT Racist Slur

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ham-shank, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. According to pig-ignorant supermodel, Naomi Campbell, she kicked off on BA staff and police because she was racially insulted by BA staff. The insult? She claims to have been called a 'gollywog'.

    Having been insulted into a frenzy of violence and then appearing in court to justify her behaviour, Ms Campbell then failed to bring this insult up as part of her defence but waits until she is convicted before raising it to a Sky News interviewer.

    One thinks that the gopping clothes horse may well be being frugal with the actualite! 8O
  2. Would you really expect anything different from an obnoxious, bile-spewing cow who's so far up her own arrse she can inspect her duodenum?
  3. shes that skinny she has to run around in the shower just to get wet !
  4. Lazy? Usless? Cant be arrsed abiding by tedious civilised laws? not white?

    all you need is the

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  5. I'm no lawyer but wouldn't it be an idea for BA to take out a full page advert in the Sundays to state that the minging Ms Campbell is talking out of her arrse and invite her to sue for libel? BA could then line up all the BA staff present during the incident and ask her to point out the 'racist' instead of wittering on about their curtural and racial 'diversity' policies.

    We'd be treated to the spectacle of Campbell being given the shoeing of her life in a court of law and some blameless BA bod given a huge pay day at her expense. Would cost her a hell of a lot more than the derisory fine handed out after her assault conviction.
  6. Whilst I am no particular fan of Miss Campbell.....good on her for making the amount of money she does says I...never done me any harm etc....all this pre-supposes that BA are whiter than white.

    For my part, BA whilst generally a reasonable airline also have their fair share of mongs whose presence does nothing to enhance the flying experience. One or twice Ive been very tempted to smack some of these moronic t wats and tell them to listen to what was being said/requested, rather than blurt out company policy like a f cuking robot.

    and breathe :lol:
  7. She's too feckin' rats to be a model...
  8. Totally agree with Ham-Shanks post. There were enough witnesses on the plane to substantiate the claim. If it were a true statement then it would of been a major element of her defence that she 'snapped' after being called a Gollywog.

    She is a hateful wee runt, you can see that she is lying. BA should call her bluff. I don't find her attractive at all.

    These lies will come back to bite her, trust me.
  9. I'd do her.
  10. What was the Captain thinking?

    He should have let her rant until the flight cleared Iceland. Then, with a cry of 'It's because you is black', he should have had her restrained in handcuffs and gagged (are they still allowed to do that on commercial flights) ............

    hang on, thinking of Naomi restrained and gagged, I have to, errrm, pop out for a moment. I'll be back soon.

    ........... Ok. Where was I? Ah yes. Cleared Iceland with Naomi becalmed. The Captain should then have diverted to the nearest airport for an emergency landing in order to offload the pugilistic Streatham clothes horse. That airport would be the US Air Force base at Thule.

    To save you a trip to Google, Thule is in Northern Greenland, about 500 miles north of a remote Inuit settlement called Themiddleoffuckingnowhere. There, Naomi could wait for the ice to thaw and hope that a Japanese whaler would rescue her and give her safe passage back to civilization.

    During her journey, she'd spend some time in the company of a couple of dozen randy, racist, xenophobic Japanese sailors who would all be doing their best to ensure her, ahem, passage was less than comfortable.

    Seriously, I hope she gets sent to Holloway for a couple of months. She's already had community service in America for assault and it's done nothing to teach her a lesson.

    I also hope other airlines ban her. Having to fly on Air Zimbabwe via Mboto Gorge International every time she leaves the UK might curb her temper a little, or at least give her something to complain about.
  11. I wish they'd stop calling her a "super" model. She's skank ugly, has no figure and by all accounts is a disgusting, bile-filled, nasty piece of work. Those media idiots are making her richer than ever!
  12. So would I - with a full mag.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Shes a hippodillocrocodilipigus of the highet order with no talent.
  14. This is not the first time that this woman has been in trouble.It seems that many racial minorities shout 'racism' when they are in trouble-often caused by their own stupidity/ignorance of rules etc.Nothing new there.It may that,after this conviction,the US will refuse her a visa,as they are entitled to do,unless she has dual nationality? Here's hoping! Lesser people might well have received a jail sentence,particularly with the record this woman already has for assaults etc.I guess the CPS 'advised' against that course of action?
  15. After a careful and thorough analysis, I have concluded that she committed at least 2 acts of gross stupidity.

    The first is using heathrow, the second is flying BA.

    She got what she deserved. I am surprised she wasn't slotted by SO19.