NAO study of resettlement services/housing issues

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Apollonia, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. I have just received a survey questionnaire that has apparently been sent to all who left the services in the last two years.
    The National Audit Office want to know how effective all the resettlement briefings are; housing, finance, career transition etc.

    Question 39 asks about current living accommodation, to tick one box in the following list:

    Own home
    Private rented
    Local Authority/Council
    Other social housing
    Student Accommodation
    With relatives
    With friends
    Sleeping rough

    Now, how is the survey going to reach anyone who is sleeping rough? Even hostels/B&B/staying with friends is often a short-term temporary arrangement before moving on, so the survey is also unlikely to reach anyone who is 'hidden homeless' never mind sleeping rough.

    I have made this point on the 'any other comments' section of the questionnaire but can't you just see the survey results:

    0% of ex-forces homeless in first two years of civilian life!

    The results of the survey are meant to help make recommendations to the MoD about designing future personnel policies/meeting the needs of future service leavers. I would suggest that the survey results are going to be a little inaccurate to say the least!
  2. Apollonia, could you scan and PM me the form?

  3. Sorry Hitback, I sent the form (more of a booklet) back this afternoon, but I don't have access to a scanner anyway.

    Maybe someone else on arrse has one/will receive one soon - it did say it was going to those who left in the last two years. Return date was for 16 February and the report is due to be published this summer.
  4. Your point is well made. Let's hope the people behind this (probably Qinetiq) realise what a mess they have made of it (and there's a surprise)!

  5. In three and half weeks they can add my family to the homelessness group. I would love to know who thinks up these c*ap questionairs, and if they just give it a 2 second slot on their monthly meetings.
  6. The report was published on 27 July 07:

    Full report:

    Executive summary:

    At least they have acknowledged that the survey would only reach those who had a settled address however that doesn't stop them from also saying that few people have problems finding accommodation. My bold:

    3.2 We asked Service Leavers how satisfied they were with their current living accommodation. We recognise that, by the nature of a postal survey, the results are likely to be skewed towards those Service Leavers who have stable accommodation and should be read in that light. The majority (87 per cent) of survey respondents were satisfied with their current living accommodation, including 68 per cent who were very satisfied. Of the 13 per cent who were not satisfied the top three reasons stated were ‘too small’ (39 per cent), ‘undesirable area’ (22 per cent) or ‘too expensive’ (20 per cent). We also asked Service Leavers if being in the Services had affected their ability to obtain suitable housing, 16 per cent said it had helped, 15 per cent felt it had hindered them and the remainder said it had had no effect.
    A significant proportion of Service Leavers do not require housing support on leaving the Services.

    Point to note - look at the response to the survey figures on page 51 of the full report:
    38,153 surveys sent out and only 4,997 returned - that's 13%!!

    I wonder how many of the 87% that didn't respond couldn't because they aren't in stable acommodation and therefore didn't get the survey.
  7. Nail on the HEAD mate, so now they have the results how long will it be before they set up a group to act on its findings. Hitbacks done a great job as late and its in the public eye more, I am having a chat with my home council when I visi Scunthorpe this month to put the wheels in motion so will read through the report when my heads a bit clearer.

    Good luck to you all who's already left.
  8. I have to say this is not a true response. I don't believe ex-officers NCO's would be up front about their housing outside the forces. As has been stated a lot of people failed to repond to the survey and those in NI are not at risk anymore are they?