NAO report on reservists

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Only had time to skim this. Finally, somebody pointing out where we are let down by the MoD. The news headlines which have come out of it ‘16% of TA leaving in the next year’ are actually the least interesting bit.

    Did you know that we cost less than £10,000 per year against £55,000 for a reg?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Glad to see I am not the only one in this boat:

    Many Reservists cite personal, family and employment pressures as reasons for leaving but many also give reasons such as “inadequate support” and “no longer a challenge” which could be addressed by the Department.

  3. Does that mean you want to come and do my job for a fifth of the wages I get paid?? Without sounding as though I am having a go, there is a reason that you cost less. We would cost the same if we only worked one night a week and one weekend a month. Nice to have you with us though and we do need you really :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    A number of those interviewed felt that it is those units which are led by livelier, more innovative officers that are more successful in recruiting and retaining personnel. (p.36)

    So, no surprise there then ;)

  5. And something else to note is that we're the same size as the Army Reserve.

    We're the Reserve of First Choice - so what are the Army Reserve doing? Are they no longer subject to being recalled to the Colours?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Reserve of Second Choice I presume, especially when you look the percentage they had to contact into to produce an actual reservist at Chilwell.

  7. And another interesting comment:

    "5 The skills brought by Reservists from their civilian life have been invaluable during Operation TELIC, particularly since the end of the warfighting. The Department has hitherto not had systematic knowledge of these civilian skills but intends to develop a database. The Department recognises that it would only be appropriate to ask Reservists to volunteer to use these skills when the Department’s civilian staff, other Government Departments or contractors could not be used because of the security situation."

    Better not mention that one to my boss...
  8. Very interesting - I wonder if they will actually do anything about it - It was pointed out that they had no database of what we did, what skills we had, to Dir Reserves at a presentation I attended 13 years ago and nothing appears to have been done since. The excuse then was that it was not possible to code civilian qualifications on Unicom. FFS how difficult would it be to produce a database, even if it only listed general areas of qualification and a "detailed comment " box !
  9. Someone smack that man hard with a stick for using common sense! The army does not work on that!
    It sees what it wants to see and what it is told, ie Cpl X and Pte Y of the 3rd Foot and Mouth, not Cpl X, who happens to be structural engineer (and BTW doesn't want to be in the RE) and Pte Y who is a doctor (who doesn't want to be RAMC).

    I do happen to agree with you but in my unit if you put people in the Regiment/Corps according to their civvy trade/job, we would have about 6 people in it, the rest would be scattered to every support arm going. For example, we have transport managers (RLC), administrators (AGC SPS), IT bods (RSigs), Security (Int), Engineers (RE) and so on. I am sure my unit is not alone in this.

    What this could mean is a radical change in that in the future, if you were an engineer for example, you would have no choice but to join the RE. People want to do something different, not a busman's holiday. On Telic I was used in my civvy capacity to some good (I hope), but I was sent there as my cap badge, not as my civvy job (for which I would have got about 5 times my army salary).
  10. I doubt it would work - but nothing to stop them pinging people from a unit for their civvy skill. I was on FTRS during TELIC 1 and my unit got trawled for me based on an Army course I had done - they fought it ! - and not for my civvy job ( Senior log planner for a major FMCG, previous experience with moving lotsa containers to the Gulf....) Nope. I stagged on in the Balkans instead.....
  11. As I said though, common sense. The Army (well the highter bods in the Army/MoD) don't have any and only see us as a trooper/LCpl etc
  12. Sorry if I started another thread on this. I do agree however with almost everything that has been written by the NAO. It will be interesting to see if any unit / manager / PSI takes any notice.

    I wholehertedly agree with poor management and also agree that some of the training is a total waste of time and some does not prepare a soldier for a short-notice mobilisation. I have read much of the retention threads and a lot of what the NAO said, was covered in the threads
  13. Not a problem, if you've joined as an Assult Pioneer but you are a civi doctor, then its illegal to be called up as a doctor but if you've joined up as a doctor then its fine.

    Can't remember which thread that was from, something about employee protection.
  14. On a similar note, has anyone else noticed that if you apply to the TA infomation service and your civilian employment firts into a TA trade then you don't seem to get a local units info sent to you, but specialist units in Grantham etc.

    Just for fun myself and a few others from our unit applied for info on local units, using our civi skills/jobs via the TA website. Well I recieved info from RE infrastructure support, 140 miles from where I live, a friend of mine was offered a unit 70 miles away! When we enquired we were told that these units only required that we attend 3 weekends training and a 2 week course, followed by 3 further weekends, then 19 days a year including a two week camp. After a long discusion I got the impression that all they wanted was a number of people not tied to a local unit.

    Anyone else seen evidence of this?
  15. Reverse happened to me - I'm a mechanical engineer (about half way to being chartered) and when I applied to that service mentioning this they sent me the details for applying to an Independent unit as a Potential Officer.
    It may be that they have a quota for how many bodies of each type per month they need to get or something like that, and direct people accordingly.