NAO Report 27/07/07: Leaving The Services

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. National Audit Office report released today: NAO link

    'Hitback' and others might like to take a look!

    D.Y. (BAFF)
  2. Hackle,

    I posted progress on this very issue yesterday. Link below.

  3. Sh1t-when I joined up 20 years ago squaddies were having trouble getting on housing lists-nothing changes....ever
  4. Shocking again but not just accommodation. A glance through some threads will find similar issue with:

    NHS dentists
    Waiting lists
    Decent schools
    financial credit ratings
    Social Services
    Council care/support

    Spotty oiks or, even worse, some battery chicken-like call centre workers just won't recognise that a BFPO is a genuine UK address or understand why you never stay for more than a couple of years in one place. The technical name for the group servicemen are put is "intinerant people" - somewhere below gypsies I am afraid.

    Will anyone in government grip it. Defence will speak to other departments who after due consideration say "not our problem"
  5. Hi, PAW

    I saw your post yesterday, which is itself a follow-up to Hitback's "Social Housing Discrimination" campaign, which ultimately succeeded with very strong support from BAFF and others. In addition to our steadfast support on ARRSE and elsewhere, we helped in numerous ways behind the scenes, including obtaining a formal legal Opinion and making it available to Hitback.

    Nor has BAFF simply declared victory and closed the file on the campaign, following the government's undertaking to change the legislation after 10 years! There are still associated issues we are working on - watch this space.

    If you check out the link I posted, you will see that the availability of council housing for service leavers is only one of the issues covered in today's NAO report. Your link was a government press release, whereas the NAO reports to Parliament and is completely independent of HMG.

    rgds, D.Y.
  6. Sample of the recommendations in the NAO report:

  7. Does anyone think this government is remotely concerned with housing problems encountered by service personnel as they leave?

    This gang of third rate non-entities could not care less. We were promised a change when the grinning spiv in chief left, but no, its the same old guff presented in a slightly different manner.

    With the disgrace of involving us in an illegal invasion of a sovereign state one might imagine this government would seize any opportunity to support those doing the 'dirty work' for them.

    However, listen to the silence of both Brown and Browne on this disgusting affair in Ashstead. If a government can send an army into another country that same government can say the legal equivalent of b*llocks to the planning laws and tell the objectors to shove their objections up their ...............

    When the last serviceman or woman leaves then the quasi Marxists will have achieved their aim and Brown will have more money to waste on ludicrous schemes and of course on the corrupt gangsters in Africa.