Nanyuki Prostitutes Moan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I like how they state that Kenyan men can go on for ages, but British Soldiers only last a few seconds.

    If they look like the African whores I remember - a few seconds is more than enough.
  2. How do you make a hormone?

    Forget to pay her.

    Ok, ok, I was leaving anyway ...
  3. The old ones are funny or should that be fanny?
  4. With the prevelence of AIDs in Africa...... your right hand is your best friend.
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  5. Whichever, the old ones are definitely old :boogie:
  6. I've done my fair share of whoring in Europe but Africa, ******* hell!
  7. Any bloke who dips his wick in one of those skanky horrors deserves to watch his knob melt away, the flies would fight you off anyway.

    On the other hand i know a REME bloke who married one and shipped it to the UK, strange old world!!!
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  9. Will that mean some lackwit Yumin Rites law firms will be sharpening their pencils, packing their bags and flying out there to 'advise' these Nice Ladies who 'entertain' gentlemen, will be seeking kompenshayshun for loss of earnings from MoD......??

  10. Hang on! My best friend is a bloke!
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  11. I think I'd rather stick my knob into the coffee grinder!
  12. I would have thought that this thread would have had a few pics by now. Come on people, where is the skank?
  13. My only experience of Kenyan hookers was when I was having a drink with a mate in a Kenyan hotel and three extremely large ladies tried to insist we buy them a drink, refusal was greeted with the accusation that we were gay and frankly I would rather have gone gay than put my personal parts anywhere near the African heffalumps I was faced with.
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