Nanyuki Bar Brawl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairmaidofperth, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. An Irish/Scots ruck and it's about bad driving?

    I thought they'd have much better stuff to come up with - PC gone mad, I tell ya
  2. good to hear the sportsmans is still a boxing ring

    certainly beats the scrap with the locals me and some others got involved in a few years back, hope they stopped selling shitty burgers with cling film on em !!!!
  3. As it took place in Nanyuki, I'd say nobody won. When I was last there the street market was full of goods nicked from Oxfam and just about bugger all else.
  4. Paddies + Jocks+ Beer= Punch ups even in 'exotic places' like Kenya.....
  5. you couldnt beat paying a kid to run up to another and bang him out !!

    wonder if the pimp daddy still runs the crappy rooms at buccaneers? he wore a trilby, wellies and a flasher mac, proper bitch slayer
  6. snip "It said Irish soldiers were pitted against Scottish troops in a brawl"
    No surprise there then :)
  7. I suppose it make a change from the BATUS BG Naafi, when I did my stint at TS90 it was usually the Kingo's..
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  8. FiveAlpha was the ringleader, I heard it from a mate.
  9. At the risk of getting an internet hardman tag I dropped a jock on the route back from the Riverside, he'd punched a tiny lad a few times and had caused a bit of damage, I did the old 'hey mate hang on' nice and friendly then dropped the rotten pasty faced cunt, strange lad, when he picked himself he ran off back toward NSG crying out the name 'Davy!' over and over again. Im assuming Davy was the token Coy nutter.

    Was the same night I had samosas then shat myself dry over the next couple of days.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'm no psychic but I'm seeing the words Celtic and Rangers.
    Bunch of paddys dressed in blue singing about debt and the Queen bunch of Jocks waiting to win the league singing The Fields and songs about potato famines.
    Singing, chanting, singing, chanting, sing....."see you ya basa"
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  11. Those fooking Samosas would kill a civi. I sat 9 hours in a Tristar bog all the way back from Kenya in 91.
  12. Nice though :)
  13. Bad driving?? What, road rage on a dirt track.
    Now if it had been about haggling with a Chogie over the price of a pair of "Dunlop" flip flops, fair comment.