Nanotech technology for the battlefield


By the end of this decade, the Objective Force Warrior may be a common sight on the battlefield. Ultra lightweight body armour protects the soldier and the suit is fitted with a wireless computer, video camera and communications devices.

"It's all about lightening the load. Today the soldier has a system that weighs about 100lbs, that's what's called the fighting weight," said Dr A Michael Andrews, chief scientist with the US Army.

"Our objective is to cut that weight in half, and to do that in about 3 years from now," he told BBC World's ClickOnline.
Get's my vote. Nice to see the Boffins working on lightening the load, as opposed to giving us even more to carry...

More here, including video

Now, if they could just work on a cantilever system for the bergan.. :D
Great nvg the size of contact lenses :( might as well sign over my house deeds to the qm for all the kit i will lose .
Nano tech is all very well believe it when i see it .But if the gear gets lighter you just get more of it :D check out the gear loads of previous wars it comes down to between 50 -80 pounds always
Can anyone remember the DERA / QinetiQ "Future Soldier" kit that was the subject of a BBC documentary a few years back? It had a helmet mounted monocle vision system for GPS, rifle sight etc, but unfortunately field trials showed the batteries and computers filling all of the pouches in a set of webbing......

Maybe a cheaper way of reducing the weight of the hi-tech kit would be to let Nokia or Siemens have a go!
That was also before QinetiQ / Amey went the way of the pear, i mean, plastic tanks? Amey had to cut half of there staff, bunch of useless jockeys they are.


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I remember reading an article last year about a system being developed that gave you the ability to run at 12 mph with full kit for up to 8 hours at a time. It basically provided each of your muscle groups an additional motorised piston and fitted around you like an exoskeleton...
If God had meant us to run anywhere, he wouldn't have invented 16 AA Bde.

Er, sorry. Can I take that back? :oops:

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