Nanny v Common Sense (nanny wins again)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. The recent death of a teenager, through collapse of a tunnel he was digging in a sand dune, has prompted the usual over-reaction, resulting in warning signs to now be displayed on beaches, and appropriate warnings given on tourism websites.

    Sad as this case is, have we really reached the point where state nannying automatically overides common sense and parental supervision, in every instance that an accident occurs, no matter how rare the occurrence.

    Can't help but come to the natural conclusion that nanny is actually making matter worse, as we cannot be far off the automatic assumption that, if there is no sign or warning to say an activity is unsafe, then people will deem it to be safe.

    I despair.
  2. Agreed PAW, sad story but it was obviously a silly thing to do and now we have the ususal knee jerk reaction.
  3. Then the local council will get sued for allowing the digging in the first place,so by siting signs,do the council absolve themselves from blame?
  4. Its always someone elses fault isn't it? Who was responsible for these actions? The council? The parents or the poor 16 year old kid who died?

    Whilst the death is truely a tradgedy and as a parent I cannot begin to imagine the grief of the family - these things are called accidents for a reason.

    Whats next? Are we really heading dow the road of the US - who remembers the case where the woman successfully sued the manufacturers of her RV because it crashed wwhen she left the driving position whilst it was on cruise control because she tought cruise control drove the wagon and the instruction were not explicit enough?

    I'm with P-A-W on this one.
  5. A sign of the times perhaps vvaannmmaann, people seem impossible of accepting responsibility for their actions and insist on passing the blame.
  6. This is a common issue for those of us who are lucky enough to live near a beach. So its not really nannying to my mind and you would be suprised just how often this happens. Sand dunes are particularly dangerous but people (yes, even adults ffs) still try digging into them.
  7. We should ban Sand Dunes.... and shovels.
  8. A sad ending to what was probably just kids having fun.

    I dug loads of holes and tunnels when I was a kid. Climbed tree's, jumped off swings when it was at the highest point, rode my bike down the slide and before the threat of terrorism caged all the Garrison in, we even used to play on the army assault course.

    A few bumps, bruises and broken my arm, that was painful, and a clip round the ear from my old man for being late in. Other than the broken arm, it done me or my mates no harm.

    But as has already been mentioned, our Nanny state is trying to remove all forms of personal risk. How long before personal air-bags are compulsory...?
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You mean some sort of device worn around the chest and waist, that goes off at the press of a button/remote activation? Could be interesting, I believe a few designs are already out there :D
  10. Ban Fun.

    You will return to your dormatries (padded and CCTV monitored) where you can draw what you think fun looks like with big 1 inch thinkk crayons and thick paper (to avoid paper cuts). The crayosn are chained to teh desk by chains 6in long to prevent ligature.
  11. Right, they can all buy them when they come and get their ID Cards. We'll add a Tax, I mean a safety fee...!
  12. ....................and people!
  13. ... and beaches, and ... ?
  14. After being beasted at Altcar over sand dunes I'll second that.

  15. bikini tops, and .....