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OK, something a little political for a Friday:

Nanny Knows Best

Friday, April 01, 2005
Vox Pop
Hello everyone,

I thought that for today, since any story that I post would inevitably be thought of as an April Fool's day joke, that I would turn the site over to you.

Mike sent me the following statement:

"Old Labour was about nationalising industry; New Labour is about nationalising people"

True or false?

What are your views?

Please post them in the comments box.


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Good work, Ken - keep it up! 8)
My 2d on it:

I voted "yes", because:

They are increasing the payroll vote (i.e. expanding the civil service, expansion of benefits, getting lots of people onto invalidity benefit), and getting as many people into their pockets as possible.
They are on the record as saying that "the state has a role in the upbringing of children", which is what the Soviets did with their state crèches, which fed the kids a diet of straight propaganda from an early age.
Constant nannying, controlling and removing personal responsibility & personal discretion (allowing the police & courts no discretion for certain offences, for instance). This takes a lot of decision-making about our lives away from us.
Political correctness ensuring that we can only say and think "correct" things.

I'm sure there's more, but I have to actually step away from the computer now!
the whole invalidity benefit scam started under maggie as a way of cutting down the nubers of unemployed and has only really come to light now the numbers of unemployed have come down
It's nice to have a boogeyman to blame current ills on, isn't it Brighton? I believe that Mugabe is blaming Blair, Stalin blamed "spies and diversionists", and Labour constantly blames "the previous govt", despite having been in power for 8 yrs... ;)
stoatman said:
OK, something a little political for a Friday:
Very little political!!

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