nanny cost - another one for pay gurus

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. i seem to remember in the dim and distant past that a female single parent in another unit had a live-in nanny. 90% of the cost was covered by the army.

    does anybody know if i imagined this? if not, what is the allowance and criteria? and will it remain under JPA?
  2. Thought you'd just got married mate? ;-)
  3. well, who else am i supposed to chase around the kitchen table when the missus is at work? :)
  4. I did know of a bloke that used a scheme, where foriegn nannies stayed at the house ( 1 at a time for 6 months) to look after the children NOT household duties and he only paid about 50 quid a week for the pleasure, they only worked till 6PM and had to have 1 day off a week.

  5. bumpity bump, cos i still haven't found the answer :)
  6. I'm looking into this too at the moment but not having much joy - will let you know if i do though.

    Apparently the RAF and i believe the Navy still do this but noone can seem to find the solid rules on it.
  7. cheers. will potentially save someone a bit of wedge.
  8. Had a bloke in my old lot who had won custody of his kids over his nutty ex-missus, the green-machine paid for a 100% live in nanny so he could go on tours, exercises etc.............oh, yeah, and he did get her pregnant
  9. Hi,

    I've known a case where SSAFA paid for the Nanny during exercise and deployment periods as the single parent had no family or spouse. It wasn't funded by the MOD. Her earnings would not cover additional childcare and SSAFA believed the welfare of the child would suffer without the payment. She was told however any bonus payments or additional pay would be deducted.

    Hope this helps. The CO of course had to support it.
  10. Although there may have been cases where SSAFA or similar may have assisted in certain cases, there is no allowance for such a scenario, and I assume will continue to be the case after JPA. I have been in units where couples have had au pairs (I await the barrage of comments that will draw), but never aware of any financial assistance for them. I also knew of a single Dad who had a live-in nanny (they later married) but not aware of him getting any money.
  11. thank you very much guys, all helpful responses... even dragoon for once ;)