Nanny bans lightbulbs this time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Why make decisions when we can have them made for us. :)
  2. And of course the old 100 watt light bulbs were slightly more difficult to insert and therefore more likely to shatter upon insertion. Apparently. Something to do with the heat tempering the glass. Allegedly.
  3. You can still buy them if you go to an electrical wholesalers and buy them for your 'office'

  4. These new fangled bulbs are fecking expensive, they don't fit the old fittings, and in my experience blow up just as frequently as the old ones. They are of course made in China.
  5. Shipping these things form behind the bamboo curtain,does what for the green lobby?
  6. You forget that green is the new red, and China is a downtrodden third world country so they are allowed to do as they wish.
  7. The energy saving lightbulbs contain mercury, just how stupid are the people making these laws.
  8. These new fandangles light bulbs in the majority of cases need new fittings and also can't be disposed of in the bin as they have mercury in them and need speshul disposal
  9. Yes, this is correct and as such, cannot be just chucked away, as they are classed as special waste. The mind boggles!
  10. I thought France quite good on energy saving (well they are a bit lazy at times) but when we moved into the house, there wasn't one single energy saving bulb and half the fittings were bayonet and the rest were threaded.

    The problem was solved by replacing all the bayonet fittings as you can get energy saving bulbs with that type of fitting but at a price you could buy a small village for.

    And the one and only energy bulb that ever died on me (bastard thing as I was halfway down the stairs when it went), I simply took down the council tip where it joined some more of its dead relatives in a big fcuk off tub.
  11. Further to my last my EU light bulbs need a weird three bayonet type fitting. This is to stop people binning them and fitting old bulbs. They are virtually impossible to find.
  12. They don't really help the green cause at times, do they?

    Most of the new bulbs fit older fittings now, the first ones admittedly didn't. The best option would be to put a deposit on the bulbs, so you have to take them in to dispose of them (ie at the shops that sell them).

    Otherwise we're going to end up with these things all over the place.

    On the other hand, if we had gangs of miscreants collecting rubbish and semi-sorting it, daily from our houses, we could have the incarcerated sifting thorugh our garbage in their prisons looking for this sort of stuff.
  13. Energy saving lightbulbs are available in the UK with the standard bayonet or screw thread fittings. We have the same selection here and I'm more in the EU than you are.

    The three pin bayonet bulbs and fittings are generally for special sorts of lighting, so unless you're sleeping in your car and want to change the bulb in the streetlight or are camped out in a tent in the middle of (insert name of favourite stadium) and want to change the floodlights, I really can't see what the problem is.
  14. The problem is they are taking away choices from people yet again under the lines of green.