Naming & Shaming of Mess Bill Debtors

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by treborre, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Is it acceptable to name and shame (within the confines of the Sgts Mess) those who are debtors to the mess? Is there anything in any Regulations anywhere stating that this is or is not acceptable? Your views gladly accepted!
  2. Had this done to me. Yeah, it's just and acceptable. Payed the bill but quick, I'll tell you
  3. Though I must add that the treasurer or Sgt at Arms should first approach the offending skinflint and see if there is a legitimate reason for nonpayment.(not that this was the case with me, I`m just cheap and lazy, and a drunkard to boot). After that, I would think RHQ could deduct it if the person outright refused to pay. Also, MUST be something in QR+0s which addresses this. One could likely be ordered to pay dues -bartab, and refusal would constitue charge, I would think
  4. When I was at a mess in Aldershot, the presiding member was talking about mess debtors at one mess meeting and sat there and informed us that there were several people sat in front of him who were 'sucking off' the rest of the mess members.

    He was probably correct on several counts, it was the mess for the MDHU and Dental Centre!
  5. I've been a member of that mess. He wasnt the same Presiding Member who told everyone not to bother leaving the bar for the meeting and conducted the mess meeting sitting on the corner of the pool table??

    I've seen a list of debtors published on the web before and pinned up outside the Regt accounts office. I am often surprised how people manage to stack up the bills they have and get away with it for so long.
  6. Surely approaching the RSM with the list is the sensible answer? (assuming he's not a debtor himself, that is)
  7. The RSM and PMC get copies of the debtors list - but is it acceptable to read their (the debtors) names out in front of the assembled mess on a mess meeting :?:
  8. Thanks for reminding me....I need to pay my mess bill... :)
  9. The RSM should have the list, I was always given a copy each month of the debtors, which actually did include my predecessor!
    I would ask them to pop in to see me and then highlight that they owed the mess some money.
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Bugger times have changed. 5 extra's across the board for every week you failed to pay. Want to be a member - pay the bill.

  11. The problem being that you HAVE to be a member. those who don`t want to be members are the ones you`d have trouble collecting from. Gotta be some sort of disciplinary measures RSM can take
  12. Mess bills? Check QRs. You should never be a debtor...
  13. At my previous Regt the RSM gave you 3 if you were a day late paying.
  14. And rightly so.
  15. I owe my mess a bit of cash, its not that I can't pay, I just forget my cheque book (and traveling back 40 miles to collect it isn't really an option).

    I'd happily set up a direct debit