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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ninja_Turtle, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. BBC Linky

    Thoughts? A new outlook from MoD or non-story?

    A soundbyte from the Mayor of Hereford on BFBS put him a bit out of touch with how the forces works.
  2. Can Royal Marines join the SAS? I thought they went into the SBS, if so that's piss poor reporting.
  3. Check the collar dogs.
  4. I worked with a lad in the artillery who had applied to go to the SBS (failed on attitude) so I assume marines can apply for the SAS as well.
  5. Marines do have to repaint the boathouse when they go to Hereford!
  6. IIRC Selection for 'THEM' and 'THOSE' is initialy the same but if the Booties want to go to 'THOSE' there is a further selection phase
  7. "Mr Halpern had imposed reporting restrictions in December following requests from the Ministry of Defence and the soldiers' families but they were revoked following applications from the media."

    So, in whose interests is it that these brave men be named? Who gains from this?
  8. Yes. Used to have to rebadge - often as Para but I don't think that is necessary now
  9. Yeah Bob Consiglio from Bravo Two Zero was a Bootie
  10. IIRC, at one point an ex-Marine - "Nasty" Nick? - was the senior DS for Them.

    Standing by to be corrected...
  11. Any one can apply for any of the tier 1 or 2 SF units. The relevant DIN (and subsequent briefing course) will steer you in the right direction...
  12. I didn't know the UK had tier's of SF, who's tier 2?

    silly question I know, but I'm dumb. :oops:
  13. Not sure if it's in the public domain, but you can work it out with a bit of lateral thought....
  14. No it's just I thought the UK military was kind of strict on who got to be SF, and there are only 3..... :? everyone else are "elite unit's" or "specialised" and that's about it, althought they would be SF in most other militaries.....I'll stop yapping now
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The SBS training overall is considered a harder (apprently) due to the intensive sub aqua part, but the pay is better with 'them', and one of the published 'those' was lamenting that the Bootie lot were losing a lot of potential manpower due to the '3rd guy on the balcony at the embassy' factor.