Naming of Barracks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ninja_Turtle, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Is there a naming convention for British Army Camps? For example the names of battles, Generals or VC recipients (although the latter seem to get gyms and cookhouses named after them), and how are they decided?

    Will we be seeing Lashkar Gah Bks or Sangin Lines anytime soon?
  2. As the Armed Forces are reduced I can't see any new Barracks being named, so it's a bit of a moot point really.
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  3. Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Clegg Newtown, Beckham Estate,....
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  4. There is a LOT more info on there

    From here: Barracks
  5. Barracks within larger camps seem to follow a theme.

    Catterick = WW1 campaigns (Ypres, Gaza, Vimy, Helles etc)

    Colchester = Mostly British India (Goojerat, Sobraon, Hyderabad, Kirkee etc)

    Tidworth = British Indian cantonments (Aliwal, Delhi, Mooltan etc)

    Aldershot = The old barracks were Wars of the Spanish Succession, Seven Years War & French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars (Oudenarde, Salamanca, Tournai, Badajos, Waterloo etc) then various Generals etc (Buller, Montgomery, Browning, Travers etc)

    Bordon = The old barracks were various campaigns in the Americas (Guadeloupe, Louisburg, Havannah, Quebec etc)

    Longmoor = Various bits and pieces referring to South African Campaign (Kitchener, Ladysmith)

    BAOR & Berlin = Bit of a mixture, but mostly British regional (Caithness, Northampton, Ripon, Rochdale, Stornoway etc), Generals etc (Smuts, Harding, Rowcroft etc) and battles (Assaye, Salamanca, Albuhera)

    Nowadays they would probably be named after X Factor finalists.
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  6. Yes, Rylan Lines has a nice ring to it. Maybe a bad choice of words though..
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  7. Were you thinking of Nick or Lee?
  8. As Baldrick/Blackadder Lines has been used a couple of times now perhaps a chance to make it permanant but where? A cunning plan perhaps?
  9. Perhaps some other corporate sponsorship . .

    Coca Cola Lines

    Sodexo Barracks

    RAF BAE This might get confusing

    or possibly

    RM Base Savile

    Piers Morgan Bks
  10. I'm struggling to find anything on a Field Marshall 6 Petroleum Storage Depot. Was he one of the Worcestershire branch of Petroleum Storage Depots? I'm sure I went to school with one of them.
  11. How about rechristening the barracks just before they close: "That Theiving **** Blair Barracks!" "Camerons Legacy Barracks!" "Thanks Lads, Now **** Off Barracks!" "Gordon Evil One Eye Broon Barracks!"
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  12. The opening sequence of the Blackadder Goes Forth series was shot at the old Cavalry Barracks site in Colchester. I think that a number of the buildings still stand but have been incorporated into a housing development. Rather curiously, Tony Robinson (Baldrick) was back outside the site a number of years later, filming a Time Team dig of a Roman racetrack.
  13. I was in wrexham barracks name after the general
  14. Then there were 'Lines' - old dudes may remember Waterloo Lines, Seedaseer Lines, Singapore Lines.
    Barracks within Camps, Barracks within Garrisons (Tidworth, Nee Soon, etc). In India they had Lines and Barracks within Cantonments (still do, I think).
    Barracks with no names: The Barracks, Berwick (although they were originally called Ravensdowne Barracks - after the street they abutted). And Forts, Fort George, for example, and Tregantle (once accommodated an infantry Bn).

    Wow! Slow morning!
  15. Fort Barrack Obama.