Naming Names - Or Not

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fertman, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Why is it when the BBC reports state that civilian dead in the Stan are the result of Nato air strikes I immediately think 'Americans' ?
  2. I thought German ?
  3. What I mean is - why can't they just name the responsible country outright? It's a bit like : Another great win for England ( England 3 - France 0)vs. Britain loses again ( France 3 - England 0), and ( Scotland 3 - France nil) another great win for Britain vs ( Scotland 0 - France 3) Scotland loses again.
  4. Apprently it happened in a Dutch occupied area, although that doesn't mean anything. BBC Link

    I suspect it's a conscious political decision to unify the forces and not so to make it a pissing contest of how many friendlies you've fragged today. 8O
  5. All it means is the yanks got lost and killed civis.
  6. That doesn't happen, does it :D

    Why can't they just say "Ooooops it was us, sorry"
  7. Except Germans don't drop any ordnance. They call in CAS like in the famous oil tankers incident but the German Tornado only do recce in A-stan IIRC.
  8. They are correct in all cases.
  9. But who takes the blame, the pilots or FST? It was in a Dutch occupied area, it could have been one of the many different nationalities of SF that called in the strike not just the country that is working in that area and the planes could have been from several different nationalities also