Naming names - NATO / Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Should we not be naming names of the lightweight nations that are not supporting a war they voted for.

    It is not good enough to send 30 blokes to run a Provincial Reconstruction Team and then claim that you are fully committed. NATO assets should be available to all NATO nations (helicopters , FGA Arty etc it isnt and the weak twunts who wont help us should be outed.
  2. hear hear....out the b*stards.
  3. Depends.

    What else are they doing?

    30 blokes may be a significant portion of their army. (Lux)

    If you "out" them what do you lose on the ground? Strategic bases for example.

    What if they decide to "out" us?
  4. As said its not worth rocking the Apple Cart, we have enough enemies as it is . Saying that if you wanted to say France was sh*t I wouldnt stop you :wink:
  5. French are actually doing a good job, its countries like Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Germany (who cant decide to fight or not) Turkey, Greece the list goes on.
  6. The French are only doing a good job cos everyone including the enemy is in shock that theyre not running away...

    To be fair, all countries involved (in theatre at least) appear to be pulling the stops out and getting the job done.
  7. Please forgive ignorance (put it down to advanced senility after 10 years of you all know what) but I would't mind betting that Canada, Poland, Denmark and Holland are contributing. Do I win or not ?
  8. Go right ahead. Feel free to name all those states that "voted" to join an Afghan civil war against the Taleban who are now not pulling their weight. You may end up with a very long list with approximately zero names!

    You may also like to look at what Romania's (amongst others) contribution was/is to Afghanistan. They made it to Kandahar at least a couple of years before 16 AA Bde!

    What I'm afraid you have chosen to ignore is that NATO is merely a club of independent members who can choose whether to come out and play or not - especially when it is outside the AO specified in the Treaty. Any NATO member has every right to refuse to get involved in the US/UK's escapades down south.

    Just why should they bail 'us' out now that we've got ourselves in too deep? Just why should they come to Bush and Blair's rescue?
  9. Team spirit, whitecity? For old times sake? Because we'd help/have helped them?

    No, thought not.
  10. Not saying that there not doing a good job its just France is full of the smelly, snivelling *****. :twisted:
  11. Indeed Iron.

    So snivelling that if you go pretty well anywhere in France, you'll see memorials to Resistance members who were killed in WW2.

    Furthermore, the French have lost troops in Afg, so perhaps they aren't staying as far from the line of fire as you may think.

    Edit to add:

    There have been 639 coalition deaths -- 417 Americans, one Australian, 68 Britons, 66 Canadians, one Czech, four Danes, nine Dutch, two Estonians, one Finnish, 10 French, 21 Germans, nine Italians, two Norwegians, one Portuguese, four Romanians, one South Korean, 21 Spaniards, two Swedes -- in the war on terror as of August 3, 2007, according to a CNN count

    From the CNN site here
  12. And if you go ANYWHERE in the UK you WILL see Memorials to all those killed in WW2.
  13. As said not saying anything about the french military work just the French people who I am not keen on as I hate the ***** after the way they have treat British Lorry drivers and motorists in the past. I cant see in any of my posts where I have said anything about the French Troops staying away from trouble or not losing troops (unless you can find I said what your accusing me of saying)
  14. The point being made is that, like us, the US, the Spanish and many other countries, the French have lost troops in Afghanistan.

    We like knocking the French because they are the old enemy. In jest, I do the same.

    However, this thread is about casualties in a war, and not one for jokes or ill-informed comments.

    In France, you'll also see the CWGC cemeteries, French Military, US and many others. Brave men and women all.
  15. Yes and how many memorials to their brave allies who actually helped them free la Belle France of Le Boche? If you go to their war museums they give the impression that the Resistance won the war.
    Another example - On Le Chemin des Dames there are hordes of stones showing how in spring 1917 the valiant French forces struggled for 3 months to wrest the ridge from the enemy. What it doesn't say was that on July 4th the Germans counter-attacked on a 17km front and took the lot back right nippily.

    History is history and the Frogs are masters at putting on the good side. This doesn't have much to do with if they are in action now.
    My impression is that the country deliberately holds back from a full-blooded commitment, giving only what they can get away with, but that individual units and troops give good value for money.
    But I may be wrong.