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Naming a hound

Castle MDN has taken delivery of a new Black Labrador (bitch) still in its clingfilm wrapping.

Its blacker than a Golliwogs claypit and need to name it pronto.

I therefore throw it to the NAAFi to name it.

Already dismissed are Guy Gibsons dogs namesake, Rod, Rick, Dave, Jimpy, cnut and anus.

I expect a pile of dribble but I suppose if you throw enough sh1t at a wall, some of it will stick.
"and boogie"

then when she jumps up, you can shout ..........................................................

GET DOWN and boogie

Ahh my taxi's here already.

Trigger (from Band of Brothers, not Only Fools and Horses)

Blog (Black Dog)

Mohammed (You can parade him proudly around a predominantly muslim area and see if what the papers is saying about muslims and dogs is true.)


Ace (as in black as the ace of spades)?

Or to be a little more conventional, my dogs are called Dottie and Mabel, find an old girl's name that isn't heard these days and pick that.

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