Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dieter_Schmidt, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi, quick question regarding the use of name tapes. I'm starting my phase 1 in March, and i'm wondering about whether or not i should get some name tapes for my uniform. Very few people in my unit seem to have them on their uniforms and there doesn't seem to be any particular reason why. I asked one person who gave me some silly answer about them falling off in the wash. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with who does have them and who doesn't. I have an awkward surname that i've spent a good part of my life having to spell out to people, it'd be nice to just avoid all that for a change and have it written down for them already, on my chest. So basically my question is, should recruits have them?
  2. If you need them the system will give them to you if not then don't bother just shout it really loud at your DS I'm sure they'll remember it

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  3. If there not on your unit SOP's or if you haven't been told to buy them then don't get them. Save your cash for all the TRF's and stable belts your going to have to buy.
  4. A nametape on the left breast is very useful. Until you are attached to the Welsh Guards when name tapes become surname plus last 3. On an exercise with the seabees (USN) I thought that wearing name tapes on the rear right pocket flap might take hold in the British Army, you can't ignore people with your name on your arrse.

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  5. Wouldnt get them unless youve been told to get them, Just makes you a target since everyone knows your name.
  6. Some units have to have them as it might be Bde or Cap Badge policy, The Royal Sigs all have to wear them and yes they have to pay for them.

    As already stated do not get them unless you have to, as for surname I have the same problem and I would not want to advertise who I am until I am told to.
  7. The system will given them to you? Can I live in your world?

    You will have to pay for them. Don't get them until you have been told to wear them. You may also have to pay to have them sewn on. Depends who are you are knobbing.

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  8. Alright, cheers for the replies guys.
  9. Command_doh

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    **** 'em off, along with everything else you are told you 'must' have that are not given.
  10. I've got a WRAC Tracksuit upstairs somewhere that I "didn't" have to have. The shit thing is, it probably still fits me.
  11. If you're R SIGS the system is meant to issue you with 2 name tapes (At least in our Regiment that was the case)

    However in reality you will get them a lot quicker by ordering them off somewhere like Cadet Direct who supply you with 6. In regards to if you have to wear them or not I'd ask your PSI about the drill on that as it may just be certain bods that require them. Then if you need them order them sharpish, if not then you save a few beer tokens :D
  12. We got 6x name tags issued, just make sure they spell you name correctly.
  13. To be honest I would purchase them and get them put on by a tailoress. If they ask on the course you say you got told to by your Senior/Unit policy etc. (however this may mess things up if there are others on from your unit that don't have them)

    You are more likely to come to the DS attention if you are shit at PT a biff at drill/weapons or anything else.

    Plus if you get there and everyone else is wearing name tags and you are not it's a bit late.

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  14. If they want you to wear it, at least the first one or pair should be provided, if not then why should you pay for it?

    Just get a strip of green tape and write it on.

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    You may find that because your a recruit they will tell you to get it so that it doesn't have to go through the system, as you may biff prior to them turning up at the unit, ask if the QPSI has any names in his draw from people who biffed in the past?

    Or get a knife and cut them off someones elses shirt, you may need to change your name but it may work out cheaper!
  15. Hi I am in the understanding that the name tags on uniforms was for troops based in germany. So that the police etc could see who they were talking to.
    As we shrink from a world power and leave germany i think there is no point having name tags on our uniform.
    good luck with phase 1