Pretty sure there is a briefing note about badges flying around stating "no name badges are to be worn".

IIRC only 'Army Commando' and Pilots wings are permitted to be sew directly onto the new jackets and smocks.
the same briefing note from the CGS clearly states PCS jackets are to be worn loose (un-tucked) yet the Royal Signals (and the Rifles i am ashamed to say) still wore theirs tucked-in.

i'd love to see them try AGAI someone for not buying name-tage for PCS (to fit nametags to PCS is disobeying the Land Forces policy on PCS).

a civvie laywer would shred them.
I managed to avoid getting them though my excuse of "**** that, I've got four ******* months left", my last unit the Light Dragoons were a little bit silly. They would blow a gasket with people over wearing non issued kit such as boots, then blow a gasket when you turned up in issued PT gear as you were not wearing a non issued squadron T-shirt. Not to mention insisting we wore (and bought ourselves) their rank slides when we already had one unit embellishment with the red backing on the beret. Strange people.


on parade at leconfield many moons ago as a sprog in a room full of Paras, on muster parade, scatman rsm walks directly up to para, gets his pacestick and starts jabbing him in the chest. "wheres your bloody name tag?"

instead of launching RSM in orbit round the moon, at the top of his voice "I MEMORISED AND ATE IT SAHRR!!!!" the next half hour was a blur for i was in hysterics pissing myself and getting beasted of the parade square. Even the provo was finding it hard not to laugh.

Bosnia we took our tags off due to the locals using our names in vain,

trfs/name tags are christmas ornaments for cdrs to look at.
But why do you Reems wear a Romanian flag on your arm then ?
it's actually the flag of Chad (the country, not the bootie insult :))

posted into a Cav reg and the SQMS took my name while booking in. Told me to come back later that afternoon, bringing two combat jackets, a shirt and a wooly pully with me. I went back later tyhat day and he took the kit off me and gave me two tags to sew on my self, to get me through the first few days. At the end of the week I collected my kit plus 6 pairs of covies, all with name tags sewn on. no cost to me.

Then got posted to an Armd Inf Bn after that, where they took the piss as I was the only one with name tags on my kit. I took them off most of my gear, but a few remain. Always struck me as funny as how "uniform" can vary between units, but hey, it's way above my pay scale

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