Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fatbadge, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. ...Those sad sewn on things that can be found over the left breast pocket...

    Are they available through 'the system', or do they have to be purchased outside of the system?
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I would presume that if you were supposed to were them they would be supplied in the system. They always were.
  3. Our unit is bringing in policy that we wear them. We'll have to pay apparently in order to obtain them. I may just go out and order a DPM set with my name in Black, in a vain attempt to prevent the incoming that wearing them usually invokes... :x
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  5. PRI paid for I guess we did end up paying for them in the end.
  6. Name Tags oooooooooh not nice ! great for WAHs though
  7. What's wrong with nametags? Only things that remind me who I am in the morning.
  8. Ah but if 'they' know your name that's half the battle lost before you start...

    'Oi.... You!..... Get off the Grass'

    Anonymous, nowt comes back and bites you in the arrse if you're lucky

    'OI, You! Sgt Jones! My Office, 1000hrs and we can discuss the finer points of the Duty you've just picked up for walking across my grass...'

    Lack of anonimity(sp?) the other side of the argument has your name rank and anything else!
  9. it stops people knicking your kit too. (to a certain degree) the spams even have it on thier trooosers!

    i like my nametags. just hope that one day we dont have "army" on the other pocket... i dont wanna give them any ideas tho
  10. We have to buy our own in the R Sigs (I've certainly never been offered any money to buy them), along with our own TRFs after our initial issue ones have become worn out (and they're such good quality too), and (in my current Regiment anyway) our own Regt Flashes after the five that have been issued. Wonder what would happen if we just refused to pay for them?
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  11. On the subject of TRFs I was chatting with the Bn 2i/c yesterday at some rpprets leaving lunch and we were discussing how gay and and septic tank they look :oops: ! I have been picked up loads of times for not having them so I now have 1 shirt with Regt Flash,Brigade flash and the union jack on that I wear for bollockings or when I have to go Div HQ etc etc.I`ve even seen blokes with qualifications badge sewn above the chevrons (look at me I`ve done a course) where does it end ... :?
  12. Badges that have a tactical reason for existence are supplied at public expense e.g.
    Badges that do not have a tactical reason must be paid for from non public funds e.g.
    Bde flashes.
    It’s the same argument as Stable Belts.
  13. Not in the R Sigs, as I said. After the initial issue of five, we buy our own replacements.
  14. Always Had to buy my own
  15. TRF & DZ Flashes are approved by the dress council and are classed as items of uniform - paid for from public funds. These items are available from the clothing store as apposed to the PRI.
    Name tapes, Stable belts, formation and Bde flashes are classed as tradition - not approved by the dress council.
    The dress council approves badges if they have a tactical advantage.
    For example, 9 Sup Regt RLC, the RLC TRF is supplied at public expense but the 101 Log Sp Bde, Sammy the Sperm, badges are issued two apiece paid for by the PRI.
    If you are being told to pay for a TRF then it is not a TRF!
    The only problem is refusing to wear something that your CO has decreed that you will.