Names mot to call my son!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldricksBullet, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Yeps it's going to be a boy! so I'm chuffed to NAAFI breaks...

    But... a little wary about names. Having a last name that begins with a K could prove nasty... but what really got me thinking was the fact that I work alongside a Major Peter Nissen.

    In Danish, the "en" on the end of a word is the same as saying "the" in english at the start. so the soldiers know him as "the P-Niss". Christ knows what his parents were thinking.
  2. I wouldnt call him mot thats for sure (check your thread header)
  3. Follow Johnny Cash and name the lad Sue. He will thank you in the long run. I Think.

    Staying with the American theme, name him after a friend of mine: Cornelius Stribbling Snodgrass III.
  4. i'd go with something like Cornelius Oswald Carlos (insert K surname)

    then he'll have amusing initials! imagine the graffiti when he reaches his teens

    KT luvs c0ck 2021 on every lampost and wall

  5. My Uncle's stage name was Scrouge Spondrackette, worth a thought!
  6. In your case Baldrick, you can't go wrong with Patrick/Paddy. But if you want something unusual and arty, why not call the wee fella Shancoduff. :wink:

    Oh yes, congratulations.
  7. Dread - don't joke I once fiddled with a man who had the surname Snodgrass!!! To be fair the last name killed any future......

    What about calling him Delilah?
  8. Toney ,George , Osama And Adolf.

    Don't give him an old name it won't help when out on the p1ss.
    My best friends name is Fredric , when out and asked his name he would reply "Fred" and the reply would be "fcuk you then you ignorant cnut"
  9. Be honest petal, his endless motor racing dits bored the pants off you, and not in a good way.
  10. I had no idea you were musical!

    I'll get my coat.
  11. Frederick gundolph oswald bullet

    Do I get a prize?
  12. Would avoid Saddam or Adolf.

    My wife insisted I picked names that could not be shortened or abreviated so I chose Onepaceleftclosemarch and Movetotherightinthrees !!

    Needless to say she chose the names in the end. :roll:
  13. If you called him George Osama Adolf Tony then the initials would be better.
  14. I always thought to name my son Spartacus, would be hilarious to his friends on the playground. Would also inspire intense loyalty from his friends.
  15. Congratulations on your impending fatherhood.

    Since you live in Denmark, you can't call him anything too silly anyway, as the names have to be on the approved list.

    There was another English bloke here who wanted to call his daughter Jordan, and got a refusal because you're not allowed to have the same name as a country.

    Mind you, there are some cracking names on the list; fancy calling your son Odd?