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Dear all,

Please pay attention to the site rules you agreed to when you registered to use this site.

ARRSE site aims, rules and complaints procedure

Please pay particular attention to the following part:

Good CO said:

The following describes acceptable posting in the site, which is split in to three levels of "seriousness", starting from the liberal end of the site. Please observe the regulations - they are to ensure that there is something for everyone. A varied and large user group is in the interests of all. Obviously regulations in the NAAFI also apply to the next category up and so on.

Applicable to all boards:

a. Breaches of Operational Security (OPSEC).
b. Use of real names.
c. Hardline extremist views and racism in particular.
If this policy is not clear enough please feel free to pm me and we can discuss it further.

The rules are there for a reason, not only do they allow us all to retain an amount of PERSEC they also go a long way to preventing the owners of the site from being prosecuted if a user decides to start posting libelous comments and names the person.

There have been several threads in the REME forum which have developed into "Cpl X or Lt Col Y is a ....."

Please stop.


Edited by me to say I've just had to bin another 2 threads because of naming and general wankness. Please keep names - and accurate descriptions! - off the Boards.




Book Reviewer
One additional point - the REME Board is watched with amazing avidity by certain Corps personnel - and especially by some in Glasgow. Efforts (mostly fruitless, I'm glad to say) to find and 'out' posters on here who deviate from the Party line have gone on for a while - so do be careful - you ARE being watched :)
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