Names for RASS meet-up 2002!!!


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As Lord Flashart and The Tara started off thier pretty good idea on having an ARRSE recognition at the RASS, lets make a start on leaving names below as to whom is going to attend ;D

As always - Never leave things till the last minute!!

So who's up for it?? Serious answers please! No SLY remarks welcome............. ;) ;)
I'll be there for the lot! I think.. where can I get accomodation without paying for it though? Will STC help?
I too should be there for the whole drunken, debauched, rain sodden, memory slipping, wallet emptying, sun drenched, monkey baiting, reputation ruining, social occasion.  :-*
Can I play on the Tank dad? Eh? Please Dad? Please!!

No worries about accommodation for me..... I have a cunning plan!  ;D
Can you just lash a tent up then without complaint? Where?


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As far as i know Davros, the place is surrounded by fields.
I think this is what most people do - Find a spot and sleep on it, some people (pissheads normally) don't even bother to bring tents, they just sleep rough!

But remember, watch out for the infest of snakes that people were getting bitten by at the last RASS (2000).  They did'nt actually manage to clear it!!

See ya there......... ;D ;D
I would suggest taking a tent as sleeping in your car with that amount of police about is not a good idea.  Also is there going to be some sort of rallying point for ARRSE while we are there otherwise who is going to know who.   Or is it just a free for all in the bar (As usual).  Ahh   life is great    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Err, you might recognise me as I'll be strapped to 5 tons of aircraft, wearing a grow bag with lots of women behind me requiring rehydration at the medics tent, woof, woof! :p :p :p

Or B. The sad bloke with his right hand seater drinking Coke all day, looking at the Porta Westfalica Craft stalls!


Oh no, that's right I won't.  I have to stay here in constant +30C, Golden beaches, Tiger Beer.............................Oh, and about 10 inches of rain a week!!
Hey murphy,  we get 10 inches of rain over here too if you havent forgotten already.

love from The Big Grey Wet Windy Island.   NNE of  Ushant


I'll be there, if I don't get spammed for another trip away...

Tents are a good idea, did it last year, saves on the traffic jams at 1800.

Beware the booze and cruise though. Old Bill was pulling people on the morning after - even folks who were just moving motors within the carpark.  Mate of mine got done after a cop asked him to move it.  :mad:

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