Names for male genitalia

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 30, 2002.

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  1. Being childish and immature it amuses me to see the old boy called by different names.

    Ill start with the few I know of

    1, blue veined hooligan
    2,mutton musket
    3, one eyed custard chucker
    4, skin flute
    5, pink oboe
    6, mbs massive blood stick
    7, one eyed womb broom
    8,bald headed champ
    9, spitting salt stick
    10, johnson
    11, hampton
    12, cheddar gun
    13, beef bayonet
    14, salt sprayer
    15, gentlemans relish dipencer
    16, purple battering ram
    17, bed snake
    18, gravy gun
    19, paste gun
    20, lamb cannon

    The list goes on..............................
  2. He only has 'one eye for you' ;D

    Dont be offended if he spits on you, hes nervous with strangers, especially if they shake his hand roughly or kiss him ;D
  3. Swallow it then ;D
  4. Waahhheyyyy........Just let him sh@g your arrse man! ;D ;)

    Wot about the other words like:

    Do'nt they get used anymore?? ???

  5. Blasted into maternity by a guided muscle ...  8)
  6. MDN - Are you sure, been peeking ??    ;D :D ;D
  7. You can be my first victim

    Can I storm your pink palace with my puple battering ram, if not can i tamper with your trumping pipe with my mutton missile ;D
  8. Ok......................

    If not can I flick dick sick & cock snot from my Gentlemans relish dispencer.

    Don't get me wrong im not completely unromantic, Ill give you a snoggin first ;D

    If you feel uncomfortable falling for the Doh-nut charm offensive, don't it happens to all the chicks ;D
  9. Now Now sarcasm doesn't become you. Iam a lovegod though! ;D
  10. Ask ORG for the cream he goes through it by the bucket load

    thirty seconds is ample for your first visit, If your any good ill invite you back again ;D
  11. And so back to the thread, the above was a way of introducing you to the bacon bludgeoning baton ;D
  12. Living in fear of the 5'4 ginger, French, Jag driver, dwelling in the Midlands ;D