Named and shamed - Neil Munkley, Poppy Collection thief

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Goatman, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Appropriate sentence

  2. Shoot, you berk....the JUDGE!

  3. My sentence? specify

  4. Pointless criminalisation of a sick man

  5. well.....realistically...what else ?

  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  2. The thief is a despicable waster who should be used as a Fig 11.

    This is another example of the judicial system being more concerned about understanding the criminal and not condemning him and his actions.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Don't suppose anyone has got an address for him....... :evil:
  4. Are you really surprised?

    I'm not.
  5. Make him clean the bogs in Royal Chelsea Hospital for a year
  6. No mention of paying back the £800

    judge was as big an ars*hole as the thief
  7. He is ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation clinic, which he will no doubt do 2 sessions the b*gger off.
    Why is he not jailed "At her Majesty's pleasure" until he is proven to be off the drugs. At least that way, there is a chance that some of the sentence will be carried out. If the Police cannot keep an eye on people who break parole conditions etc, are they really going to bother with this scrote.
  8. The newspaper article states that the money in the box should have gone to soldiers and their families. Did I miss out when I was in, cos they never gave me anything?
  9. Send the Cnut to Helmland - he can have a job as suspicious sandbag mover on Ops.
  10. That's the thing.

    I am not surprised that the cnut isn't sent down but in all honesty cnuts like this don't get it. They are just swimming in a cesspit of their own making.

    Shoot the fcuker and do every one (including the gene pool) a favour.
  11. FFS typical, spend a fortune catching criminals,illegal imigrants, Pirates, ect and then let them go free, the lunacy just goes on and on, the chimps realy are running this zoo
  12. No point naming and shaming people who don't understand shame!

    It is almost as if courts now regard people who choose to take drugs as not responsible for their actions!

    Approximate guess at costs: £800 to the RBL, £800 to legal aid, £500 to his few attendances at drug referral, £500 police time, at a guess £2600 spent on a scumbag who will probably be back in court next week and the week after!

    Makes 12 rounds £5 look a bargain!
  13. There shouldn't be any leniancy because the criminal scum has had a sh1t life.

    It should be straight forward... you stole eight poppy tins (or whatever).

    You'll be taken out to the high street tommorrow and birched 50 times, you WILL pay back th e£800 to the RBL and for the costs of this trial and any food and accomodation you have thus far received.

    What's that Mr Defence Lawyer, you think that he should have his drug addiction taken in to account? Fair one, you can have 10 of his lashes.