diane_41 said:
Could someone pm me the name of the so3 or so2 of sps branch at 1 uk armd div please.

Someone could, whether they will or not......
freedomofspeech said:
diane_41 said:
Yes A grade students all of you :!: :D
and you can do one chav scum.

If you can't take it don't give it out,i'm not rising to your childish name calling. I came on for help not to get into a slanging match with someone who obviously knows no better.

Diane who is not a chav and not scum.
freedomofspeech said:
drain_sniffer said:
why cant your hubby find out through usual means, rather than ask on a relativly public forum?
because she is after a good seeing to as her hubby is away on tour.check out her last posts.
He has it now thanks and the number. As for you theres no wonder soldiers from the British Army get tarred with the same brush,it's a shame the few like yourself ruin it for the rest. My husband is away on tour unlike yourself. Also my last posts were mainly for the fallen.

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