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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by threesend, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Okay ARRSERS - seeing that this is the NAAFI bar...

    what do you or your other half drink when you go out...?
  2. Stella/Kronie/Guiness followed by double brandy and ginger ale
  3. Depends on who's not watching their drinks.
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  4. Bombay blue saphire and tonic
  5. Guinness until I feel bloated, then cider, followed by tequilla & vodka Redbulls.

    If I'm in my local country pub and one of the regulars - Billy The Rabbit is present, I'll also buy a pheasant or a bit of venison meat. If Billy's brother - Davy The Dealer is there I'll get a couple of grams of whizz and give CDT the middle finger.
  6. Real ale or if in Pompey, Pussers rum (and coke- sacriligious I know).
  7. You buying then?
  8. London Pride. I rarely touch short drinks in the belief that I probably upset my liver enough just drinking beer. If I have a drink at home which is fairly rare, I drink bottles of Sol which I can pick up at quite a good price.
  9. Since your offering Threesend; Ill have a black Russian, Vodka, Tia Maria n FAT coke in a tall glass no ice thanks....dont even think about putting any diet juice in my drink... cheers
  10. I'll usually stick to Guinness until I'm bloated, then I switch to whisky. Preferably a nice glass of Jamesons or Bushmills, or sometimes a glass of Laghroaig or pretty much any decent Scottish single or mixed blend. All drank with nothing more than a single cube of ice of course. None of this mixing with coke or lemonade bollocks! ;0)

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  11. Guinness, Guinness, and more Guinness.
  12. Vino Collapso, and the lad drinks Whiskey and lager. It makes for a fun evening trying to get him into bed without the pair of us falling over.

    (As has been proved many a time on ARRSE crawls).

    Fwuffs always tries to get me to drink Sambuca - she's mean.
  13. i dont know any black russians........maybe try google?
  14. Ill just have the vodka n coke then....:thumright: would also be happy with a singapore sling...hmmm:thumright:
  15. Depends on my mood.

    Wine, G&T, V&T, JD&Coke, bitter (preferably real bitter, not Smiths or Tetley) Guiness