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NAME THAT WIMIK!! ( south wales area)

Have seen a wimik a couple of times now on the M4 always heading east when i see it and turns off near cardiff. ( ive always been heading west though but its left near same exit) . thr' the rain im pretty sure it was 'big green machine' plates .
Appears to be a wimik but with additional roll bar protection.think it still had screen off. also has standard sand paint but also has secondary cam/colour - a more orangy colour - almost edam cheese colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone seen it/know it ?
It's probably going to the Caerwent training area for OPTAG. You normally see Warriors being taken up there as well.
It's WMIK!


War Hero
1 para have some at st athans. probably from there.
WIMIK May be a QDG one from Telic 8.QDG are in the area in a few weeks on a major recruiting drive so you may see a few Spartans and Scimitars complete with desert cam around the area soon as well.

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