Name that tune

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Machristo, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone name this tune? If theres no takers i'll tell you where it can be heard properly, but frankly I think I've done a bloody great job of getting this down in type.....

    De dum da da, de dum da da, de da dum de da da, de dum da da.
    Da dee dum de da da, da, de dum de da da, da, de dum de da da dum de da da da daa.
    De dum do da, de dum do da, da de dum dum da da, de dum da da......

    Or something like that.

  2. Theme from 'The Dambusters'. It always is.
  3. Is it the start of the Bill?
  4. Nop, not dambusters. Guess again. I ain't sure what it is, but I knows what it ain't!

    EDIT: Or the start of the Bill. But keep trying. after 10 guesses I'll give you a point of reference.....
  5. Poo. Must be '633 Squadron', then.

    If it is'nt, then make it so.
  6. The archers
  7. Frack it. I'm gonna give you a (rough) clue now, cause I just found this video and if I don't share it, I'll never forgive myself. I wish I had THIS much spare time on my hands....
  8. Couldn`t be Band of Brothers could it?
  9. Is it the piece of music The Samaritains are playing while they've put you on hold?
  10. i'll phone and check.
  11. The theme to Roobarb.
  12. Is it the sound of the police car following your maxed out astra gte?
  13. Got it, got it!!

    Bach's Sinfonia No. 13 in A minor............or that very annoying Euro krap thing by The Goombay Dance Band.......wassitcalled????......'Seven Tears' - that's it!
  14. "F*** like a beast" by 80's heavy metal band WASP.
  15. After misleading initial suggestions (including the kinks) information has been recieved that it may be The Piranhas, circa 1976. You may know (as well as in other ways) as the tune they whistle on the ridge in Dog Soldiers. or in this way:

    Forest sing
    We don't know why
    'Cause after the match
    They're gonna die....

    EDIT: The song is now confirmed as 1980 hit 'Tom Hark' by The Piranhas. Thanks for all the help (despite how useless and misleading it proved) and all that remains now for me to do is to run into the bushes declaring myself the winner.

    Anyone else got a tune on their mind they think ARRSE could help with?