Name that Tune

In my younger days we used to play the game of Name that Tune when having a few drinks in the Naffi Bar.
If anything came on the Juke box you could say Name that tune before the the obvious identifing Bars where played or you ask what was that tune on such & sutch a TV prog. Of course you could use the line from the Radio Show, I'll name that tune in 5, you had five trys to guess the tune.
As older readers know this game decended into I'll Shag that WRAC in 10 pints, 5 pints. 2 pints folowed by The Challenge Shag that WRAC.
My question is what was the introduction Music to, The New Statesman which stared Rick Mayall ?
I suspect Elgar wrote it but No idea on name of piece
Name that Tune.
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