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Apparently, a mature oak tree can absorb 50 gallons of water per day. Yet we chop them down; madness.

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The one in my garden was checked over by an arborist and he reckoned it would be drinking something like 80 gallons of water daily with roots which might stretch out some sixty yards.
I left the Isle of Wight on Saturday morning prepared for ferry delays or cancellations with winds forecast of 50-60 mph in the Solent. From the flags on the ferry as I boarded, I reckoned on Force 4-5, no more. Drove Mrs Wightsparker to Lewisham for a gathering of the Coven some of her old school friends and then stayed for a couple of nights at Wokingham to see No 2 son and grandkids.

Weekend weather was pretty good, and I collected the witch Mrs Wightsparker from Lewisham and drove back to the South Island this evening.

I checked the house solar panel readings, and found that they had averaged nearly 15 kilowatt hours per day over the three days - by far the best figures so far this year.

It looks as if the Island escaped the worst of the forecast bad weather.

A rapidly organizing extratropical cyclone over the northwest Atlantic last night. It will become a very large system over the weekend while travelling towards western Europe.


I see a large alien creature eyeing us up for a snack.

I doubt it will be a named storm but you can read all about it here;

and an article on the UK's record-breaking rainfall in February;


Be a bit breezy up north tomorrow.

The Met Office has gone with Yellow Snow and Ice warnings for NI and Scotland.
Not a named storm, but a weather event that will brighten the day of a few, but be the source of angst to many, particularly as settling down in front of a pub fire for a pint and a pie won't be a starter with premises closed due to COVID-19 measures.

'Snow, hail and thunder could hit Britain in the next couple of days before a temperatures are sent plummeting again at the weekend.

'The Met Office is expecting a chilly day today for northern England, with heavy rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Further south it will be milder and mostly dry, but patchy dry and drizzle further north. Tomorrow, the south-east will be bright and mild, but wintry showers are expected further north and in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with heavy rain, snow, hail and thunder possible.

'In a topsy-turvy outlook for the country, mild weather further south could simultaneously bring the warmest day of the year. The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “The 18C warmest days of the year are possible before the chill, as floods finally ease.” Heavy showers, hail and even snow could blight Scotland and Northern Ireland.

'The weekend is expected to be much colder, with fine and bright weather, but chilly nights bringing widespread frost. Met Office forecaster John Griffiths said: “Temperatures will be the mildest this year, with a chance of 17C on Tuesday or Wednesday in the South. But colder air from near Norway and then from the Baltic Sea spills across the whole country by Friday, until Sunday. -3C could be seen in the South and North, with widespread frost and some wintry showers over the North and East."

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The 2020 Hurricane Season is almost upon us. The names that will be used will be
  1. Arthur
  2. Bertha
  3. Cristobal
  4. Dolly
  5. Edouard
  6. Fay
  7. Gonzalo
  8. Hanna
  9. Isaias
  10. Josephine
  11. Kyle
  12. Laura
  13. Marco
  14. Nana
  15. Omar
  16. Paulette
  17. Rene
  18. Sally
  19. Teddy
  20. Vicky
  21. Wilfred

The NHC is already watching this lad in the Caribbean which could ramp up to a storm over the weekend. As Hurricane season doesn't officially start until 1st June it would be the sixth consecutive year where a tropical or subtropical cyclone developed before the official start of the season.

There are also reports of a cooling phase in the Eastern Pacific Ocean which might make the 2020 season even more fun.


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Hurricane Nana?

Surely the knitting needles will be too dangerous!
We should run a book on which one is this year’s right bastard. I’ll go for Josephine.