Name That Storm

Noticed this about a new supercomputer which may be based in another EEA country with hydro, geothermal or other surplus of power. Not Germany then. Maybe a country with a supervolcano? The billion seems to be a lifetime cost, including the building, infrastructure and running costs.
...where a lifetime is 10 years.

My bet is that it will end up in London or a flood-risk area.
Storm? Pfft.

Not once have I heard any reporter saying, "...battening down the hatches...", "...residents are bracing themselves..." and the good old favourite, "...Dunkirk spirit...".

Storm? What storm?
One of the main local roads has been shut. Structural engineers are assessing it, road between Aberbeeg and Cwm. Road surface has cracked and they're worried about it literally sliding down the side of the valley.

One of the local villages Llanhilleth got flooded out as well, the local community has rallied around magnificently, the miners institute is OK and has become the central hub for donations, I took stuff down earlier, its rammed with food and cleaning kit for those flooded out.


Next on the named storm list for this season is Ellen. My aunt-by-marriage's ears must be burning.

We've already got two (oops, three)Yellow Severe Weather Warnings around my gaff at the moment for flooding and heavy bastard unending freezing cold feckin' rain - and I just noticed a warning for high winds on Monday. Joy of bloody joys.

This cyclone developed near Iceland today. It's not Storm Ciara who is still fannying about the north eastern USA apparently.
Am I the only one who can just see a fecking big elephant in that photograph....

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